What are the STI test options in East Point,GA?

Fulton County, where East Point is a suburban city, has the leading cases of HIV/AIDS reported in Georgia in 2015, with a total number of 13,468 cases and a prevalence rate of 1,499 cases. The number of new cases diagnosed in 2015 is a significant increase from the 10,429 cases reported in 2013, signaling a dire need for HIV awareness.

In 2007, Fulton County recorded an average of 568 cases of chlamydia per 100,000 residents, whereas, in 2016, an average of 821 cases were recorded.

Fulton County STD statistics have fluctuated between highs and lows throughout the last ten years, with the most recent trend of chlamydial infections showing a dramatic increase between 2016-2017 that Fulton County is still recovering from.

Fulton County has established an HIV/AIDS Task Force to tackle the high numbers of HIV/AIDS reported in recent years. They aim to decrease HIV transmission and improve the quality of life for persons living with HIV (PLWH), through prevention and care, and by improving social determinants of health such as housing and transport for PLWH. 

The Medical and Preventative Services program in Fulton County also assists in promoting and protecting the sexual health of residents by aiming to reduce and treat communicable diseases such as STDs, HIV, and TB. County clinics that offer preventative services and treatment include the HIV Primary Care (Ryan White) Clinic and the Adamsville Regional Health Center.

Some public clinics in East Point may offer free STD testing services, but to qualify you might need to meet pre-specified income or welfare requirements. Appointments may need to be booked in advance for these services. 

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