What are the STI test options in Clifton Park,NY?

Saratoga County, where Clifton Park is a suburban town, has experienced an increase in STDs. 

In 2010, the gonorrhea case rate per 100,000 in Saratoga County was 11.2, and the newly diagnosed HIV rate was 2.4 per 100,000. In 2018, the HIV prevalence rate had increased to 118 per 100,000, with 218 newly diagnosed in Saratoga County. Chlamydia infections doubled between 2007 and 2016, with 123 per 100,000 case rate recorded in 2007 and 243 per 100,000 reported in 2016. 

Chlamydia is most commonly reported in females of the 15-19 and 20-24 age groups, with 138 cases reported for those aged 15-19, and 191 cases reported in Saratoga County in 2017 for those aged 20-24. With 607 total cases recorded in Saratoga County, young adult females account for more than half of the diagnoses reported. 

Due to the disproportionate number of young adults affected by STDs, the New York State Health Department has been consistently working with local healthcare providers and communities to provide comprehensive sexual health education in schools and colleges, to encourage routine STD and HIV testing, and promote access to HPV vaccinations and PrEP for at-risk youths. 

Available testing and treatment facilities serving Clifton Park include public and private clinics, Planned Parenthoods such as the clinic on Route 9 at the Fitness Healthplex, and urgent care clinics, including the Seton Health facility on Tallow Wood Drive.

Some of the available facilities in Clifton Park may offer free STD testing, but appointments may be scarce, and the amount of time you spend in the waiting room will vary. Some clinics do not accept walk-ins, so tests must be booked in advance.

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