What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Halfmoon,NY?

Among the health issues facing Halfmoon, NY, are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The prevalent ones being chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Information from the New York State Department of Health revealed that Saratoga County had 607 cases of chlamydia, 71 of gonorrhea and 12 of early syphilis in 2017.

Additionally, the department of health unveiled that Saratoga County had 8 and 4 incidences of primary & secondary and early latent syphilis in 2017, respectively. Earlier in 2015, the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps released data that showed that there were 244 residents of Saratoga County living with HIV in 2010.

For years now, the Saratoga County Public Health Services has been spearheading the war against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Halfmoon. The department runs both non-curative and curative prevention programs for STDs. Some of the noncreative programs are mandated to educate residents about healthy sexual living, while curative programs offer testing and treatment services.

A resident of Halfmoon who desires to get tested for STIs can also head to the Planned Parenthood – Saratoga Springs Health Center. Other centers that residents can visit include the Warren County Public Health and Rensselaer County Department of Health in Troy.

If you are looking for free STD testing services, you may find free STD clinics nearby. However, the facilities may be crowded, and you may queue for hours, not to mention you might wait for the test results for a week or two. Also, the clinic may only contact you if the results are positive.