What are the STI test options in Pittsfield,MA?

The number of persons living with HIV in Berkshire County, MA reached 184 in the year 2018. Of those cases, 65% were males and 35% were females. There were 135 men with this infection in 2018, 94 of which were white (non-hispanic) males. White (non-hispanic) females reported 24 cases in this year respectively.

65% percent of males living with HIV in Berkshire County, MA at this time had contracted the infection through MSM (male-to-male sex). With 88 cases reported in 2018. Another 15% of  HIV cases, were instances where the infection may have been caused with no clear identified risk.

HIV cases in Berkshire County, MA totaled 9 in 2014, that number has grown drastically over the past four years, as these cases soared to 184 in the year 2018

STD testing can be done at a number of different health clinics. The Tapestry Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic on Wendell Avenue may be one of the options to consider.

Testing may also be offered at the health department within your area. There are two in Pittsfield. One is on Allen Street and there is another on Fenn Street.

 The option of free STD testing may be available to you as well. These types of services may be useful to you depending on your situation. However you may have to wait to get results. Furthermore, these services are often based on income as well as other factors, this is something you may want to research when looking into these types of services.

Which one is right for you?