What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Columbia Heights,MN?

The residents of Columbia Heights, like those of other cities in Minnesota, are fighting the drastic increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) over the past few years. Data from the Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services showed that the P&S syphilis, chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, and gonorrhea are the most commonly reported infectious diseases in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights

According to a recent CDC’s STD surveillance report, Anoka County had 1,290 cases of chlamydia, 364 cases of gonorrhea, and with an overall STD’s rate of 390 incidences per 100,000 persons.

Additionally, the Public Health and Environmental Services research revealed that women and youth of the 15-24 age bracket are mostly affected by chlamydia in Anoka County.

The Minnesota Department of Health fights against STDs by providing STD medical care to infected persons living in Anoka County. Also, the department is funding campaigns that counsel residents and educates them on practical measures to prevent spreading the STIs.

There are many medical facilities around Columbia Heights that the residents can go to for STD tests. These include the Planned Parenthood – Brooklyn Park Clinic and the Minneapolis Health Department.

During specific days of the week, you may find some clinics offering Anoka County residents free STD testing. Nonetheless, they might ask you to pay to consult the doctor and have a single payment method, which might not be convenient for you. Moreover, people may see you coming out of the facility and know why you went there