What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Elk River,MN?

Elk River is the Sherburne County seat with a population of 22,974 people according to the 2010 US Census. Sexually transmitted diseases in the Minnesota state has continued to rise over the last decade creating a public health concern. Youths are disproportionately affected; one in every three infections is a young person of between 15 and 24 years.

Minnesota Department of Health reported 32,024 cases of STDs in 2018 which was an increase from the 2017 data of 30,981 cases. Chlamydia increased to 23,564 cases up by 2%, gonorrhea by 16% with 7,542 cases and Syphilis rates dropped with 2% to report 918 cases.

Syphilis was prominent among men who have sex with other men and more precisely those co-infected with HIV/AIDs. However, female rates increased considerably with 10 congenital cases reported sadly with 15.1 rate for 100,000 live births.

Minnesota Department of Health has been encouraging people for regular STD testing since it’s the only surest way since most STDs have no symptoms. Besides, health authorities are also engaging the people to educate them on sexual health and importance of safe sex practice.

Some of the public health centers that provides STD testing services in Elk River include the Nucleus Clinic in Coon Rapids and the Wright County Public Health on 1004 Commercial drive in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Alternatively, you visit nearby clinics that might render free STD testing services, but you may not be allowed to seek doctor consultation and some of the health facilities might not test all STDs. Moreover, the test results might delay due to high population and for after care prescription might be unavailable if you test positive.