What are the STI test options in Minneapolis,MN?

The Twin Cities suburbs and greater Minneapolis area account for 61% of cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, there were 284 cases of HIV reported in Minneapolis in 2017, along with 852 cases of Syphilis.

This is a sharp increase in reported STDs according to the Hennepin County Health Department. With Gonorrhea increasing by an estimated 28% and Syphilis by 10%, several community groups are taking action to stop the spread of these infectious diseases.

The city of Minneapolis provides several STD testing centers to help.

There are public testing centers available, including Planned Parenthood locations on Lagoon Avenue, Vandalia Street, and Lyndale Avenue. You can also make an appointment at the University of Minnesota Physicians Center for Sexual Health, located on S. Second Street.

There are private testing centers available, as well, including on 23rd Street, Dayton Avenue, and other locations throughout the city. One can be found on Portland Ave South, which is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

If you want information about free STD testing simply inquire when you’re scheduling an appointment or stop in to ask. Forewarning, not everyone qualifies, it often depends on showing proof of income.


Which one is right for you?