What are the STI test options in Shakopee,MN?

The STDs burden in Shakopee and Scott County at large continues to get heavier with each year that passes. In 2017, Scott County recorded 440 cases of Chlamydia with a rate of 339 per 100,000 cases. 73 cases of Gonorrhoea were also recorded that year at a rate of 56 per 100,000 cases.  

This is a general increase from the 383 Chlamydia and 50 Gonorrhoea cases reported in 2016. Only 3 new cases of HIV were reported in 2017. 51 people in the county were found to be living with HIV while 113 were living with AIDS.

The Minnesota Department of Health has been working with local medical facilities, neighboring county health departments, and community programs to fight the ever-growing incidences of STDs through programs like the Partner Service Program

Numerous clinics provide STD testing services in and around Shakopee. 

Allina Health Shakopee Clinic located in St Francis Avenue, MinuteClinic in Dean Lakes Blvd, Allina Health Dean Lakes  in Dean Lakes Blvd, and Park Nicollet Clinic and Specialty Center Shakopee situated in St Francis Avenue are some of the available facilities offering STD testing services in  Shakopee, MN

Others include Planned Parenthood – Eden Prairie Clinic located in Prairie Center Dr. Suite 215, Eden Prairie, St. Francis Regional Medical Center in St. Francis Avenue, and First Care Pregnancy Center located in University Avenue SE, Minneapolis.

You may find free STD testing services in some of the health care facilities, though not comprehensively.  You may also have to uninsured to be eligible for free services.

Which one is right for you?