What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Cudahy,WI?

Cudahy, WI, in Milwaukee County recorded 2,899 HIV infections at a rate of 370 in 2017. The infections decreased to 2,809 cases at a rate of 358 in 2018.

There were 20 Gonorrhea cases at a rate of 107 which were reported in 2017. But they later dropped to 17 new infections at a rate of 91 in 2018. 

Chlamydia, which is the other STD prevalent in Cudahy City, had 56 cases at a rate of 300 in 2017 that increased to 73 cases at a rate of 391.

The measures put in place to eradicate Syphilis were effective as there were zero reported cases in 2018 which was a reduction from 3 cases in 2018 at a rate of 16 per 100, 000 persons.   

Milwaukee County Health Department creates awareness about prevention, treatment, and care of the diseases through sexual health education to eradicate HIV/STD cases. The county’s health department also supports infected people by giving them guidance and counseling services. It has partnered with local emergency departments to help them connect individuals who obtain PrEP and PEP services.    

Learning about your sexual health is vital, and you can find health centers within Cudahy, WI, that have free STD testing services, but doctors’ consultation might not be available for the free services. You may also be required to book an appointment. 

Hospitals and clinics offering STD testing and screening in the Cudahy area include Planned Parenthood- Milwaukee-Water Street Health Center, Aurora Urgent Care, and Aurora St Luke’s South Shore.