What are the STI test options in Mount Pleasant,WI?

Racine City’s Public Health Department, which records STI data from all over the county, has reported high numbers in STD counts. Public health centers have bolstered testing services; the reason behind the rising numbers.

According to a 2017 Sexually Transmitted Disease Report by the health department, Racine County’s STD counts reached 1,608 in 2017. Among these, 1,294 incidences occurred in Racine City.

In Racine City alone, there was an 18.1% increase in chlamydia incidences in 2017, which took the disease count to 961. Gonorrhea rates also soared between 2013 and 2017, from 176 to 319. The syphilis incidences reported in 2017 totaled 15, as compared to Racine County’s 23 cases.

The Wisconsin Integrated HIV Prevention Plan (2017-2021) hopes to put an end to the HIV pandemic through several intervention programs. This initiative works toward removing disparities in the provision of HIV care, improving PrEP services, STD/HIV/Hep C testing and treatment, promoting health among the LGBTQ community, and sexual-health surveillance.

Knowing your STD status is easy as there are several clinics near Mount Pleasant that may provide STD/HIV care. Located three (3) miles away at 10005 Northwestern Ave, Franksville, the Central Racine County Health Department might provide STD testing and harm reduction services.

Other alternatives include the Planned Parenthood Racine Medical Center at 834 S Main St and the Racine City Department of Health STD clinic nestled at 730 Washington Ave.

You may also opt to choose Mount Pleasant clinics that may offer free STD testing, although you may have to meet eligibility and welfare requirements. Also, you might not be able to seek consultation services as doctors may be unavailable and it may take several days for tests results to come out.

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