What are the STI test options in Racine,WI?

Just north of Kenosha, between Chicago and Milwaukee, residents of Racine are so close to the Chicago Statistical Area and the Milwaukee metropolitan area that they unfortunately share their high rates of sexually transmitted diseases. 

According to the Healthy Chicago HIV/STI Surveillance Report 2018, new cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea totaled just shy of 42,000 for a ten-year high.

Good news though, HIV diagnosis is at its lowest point since 1990 thanks mostly to early detection, and an improved HIV care continuum. In Milwaukee, there has been a 13% increase in HIV compared to 2016, a 29% increase in syphilis, a 12% increase in gonorrhea, but only a 0.5% hike in chlamydia.

Racine, right in that region, is in the crosshairs to get both Chicago and Milwaukee’s crossfire. At a total of 1280 STD cases per 100,000 residents in 2017, it’s almost double the national average. That is only about 400 cases per 100,000 less than Milwaukee, and on par with Chicago. Racine is fighting back though. Mostly through frequent testing, health programs, and the use of a barrier—like condoms—in sexual intercourse.

There is a Planned Parenthood on Main Street, and Racine Sexually Transmitted on Washington Ave, so residents have options in combating this virile threat. Planned Parenthood screens for most major sexually transmitted diseases including: herpes, chlamydia, HIV (testing only), syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, and trichomoniasis. While they might not offer free STD testing, payment is often based on your income using a sliding scale.

To find the best services and location for you, use our search tools below to compare location features across Racine clinics with our easy-to-read chart. 

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STD Statistics In Racine County, WI



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Racine County, WI. Data is normalized to accurately report Racine County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Racine, WI

The Health Department for the city recently received 845 reports of STDs with the number higher than earlier years. A city office noted that we do not have a specific reason why people are having unprotected sex.

In particular, chlamydia cases in your city remain high. Racine had the third highest number of chlamydia cases in the state.

In general, unhealthy STD rates are reported in your area and include Milwaukee. A recent study shows your area and Milwaukee as having some of the highest rates of specific STD incidences in the country. This includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

We see steady rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea among the highest in the country. The city of Milwaukee continues to increase in rank as rates go down in other cities.

  • Chlamydia rates fluctuate year to year and range consistently high from 850 to 1000 per 100,000 people.
  • Gonorrhea rates fluctuate year to year and are consistently high with a range of 400-620 per 100,000 people so a typical year would be about 4100 reported cases in Milwaukee.

Syphilis rates are more complicated to understand. There are five subtypes and the focus in public health is on the primary and secondary subtypes. These two types have been relatively low in Milwaukee. The range is between 1.1 and 4.6 per 100,000 people. This follow the national trend of decreasing through 2004 then increasing again.

STD rates remain consistently high in your area. The trend is not increasing upward but the rates are certainly of concern. The ranking among cities in the United States is in the top five. Other cities see rates trending down. The Milwaukee area rates remains high.

Here are some statistics about how Milwaukee compares to other cities in the Unites States. This is according to the National Association of County and City Health Officials.

  • Milwaukee has the highest rate of all cities in the state for chlamydia
  • Milwaukee has the third highest rate of gonorrhea in the state

Graph of chlamydia rates in racine wisconsin from 2015

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Alpha Center - Abortion Alternatives


Alpha Center – Abortion Alternatives provides free and confidential STD testing services and has been serving the Racine community since 1985. Additional services include pregnancy test and advocacy, abortion information, community referrals, and access to baby items. Prenatal care services are also available to expectant mothers to ease their pregnancy journey.


The facility provides free STD testing services to women despite their age, race, or ability to pay. New patients are required to provide their medical history information by filling out a patient’s form.


Antibacterial drugs are accessible to patients infected with bacterial STDs while antiviral medications are issued to individuals with viral infections. Persons at a high risk of contracting STDs may receive vaccines and immunizations.


Alpha Center – Abortion Alternatives offers emergency contraception services to prevent unplanned pregnancies. An abortion recovery center is also available for post-abortive care for counseling and to make the recovery time more comfortable.


3821 Spring St, Racine, WI, 53405



Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin


AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin is a leading provider of innovative prevention health care services for PLWHA and individuals at risk of contracting HIV infections. The health care medical practitioners are at the forefront of HIV prevention, care, and treatment and are dedicated to providing quality HIV testing services, mental health, and social services for the entire community.


Rapid HIV testing services are open to the general public regardless of their ability to pay, age, or gender. Payment can be made by cash, checks, insurance, or debit card.


The facility recommends patients to book an appointment before visiting the facility. However, walk-ins are accepted. Individuals who test positive for HIV are issued antiretroviral drugs while PrEP is available to persons at high risk of contracting HIV.


AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin has a Behavioral Health and Wellness program that assist HIV patients to confront mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. Additionally, the clinic has a pharmacy that specializes in HIV care.


1212 57th St, Kenosha, WI, 53140



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood - Racine Health Center


Planned Parenthood – Racine Health Center empowers individuals to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health through education, outreach events, and advocacy. The clinic provides affordable, quality, and confidential STD testing services to everyone regardless of their ability to pay with the help of expert staff.


No one is turned away because of their inability to pay, age, or sexual orientation, and Medicare and Medicaid are some of the insurance covers accepted. The clinic may allow uninsured persons to pay at a sliding fee scale.


HIV positive patients may receive antiretroviral drugs while those at a high risk of infection are issued PrEP medication. The physicians also provide counseling services to infected patients.


The facility’s physicians provide their services in English and Spanish, and interpretation services to other languages are also available. Pregnancy services such as postpartum exams, pregnancy planning services, adoption referrals, and pregnancy testing as well as fertility awareness education and miscarriage management are provided to women at an affordable cost.


834 S Main St, Racine, WI, 53403



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Racine,WI

Racine City Public Health Department


Racine City Public Health Department provides quality and affordable medical care services to county residents. The facility provides the community members with administrative, laboratory, community, and environmental health services. The health department medical staff also provides medical services including STD testing and treatment, prenatal care, and cancer screening and treatment.


The clinic requires first-time patients to fill out a patient’s form and arrive fifteen minutes earlier. Medicare and Medicaid are among the accepted insurance covers, and self-pay patients are allowed to pay at a sliding fee scale.


Patients who test positive for STDs may receive antibiotics while those at a high risk of getting infected are given vaccines and immunizations as preventatives. Both walk-ins and bookable appointments are accepted.


The hospital has a state-of-the-art laboratory that assists physicians in STD testing and delivering accurate and timely results. The medical practitioners are certified and well trained in providing health-care services and respect patients’ confidentiality by being discreet.


730 Washington Ave, Racine, WI, 53403



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Concentra Urgent Care


Concentra Urgent Care provides affordable and quality STD/HIV testing, physicals, immunizations, and health risk assessment to the city residents. The facility also offers convenient walk-in medical care for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, and doctors are at hand to treat patients without the hassle of scheduling an appointment.


Patients may pay either by insurance or cash, and uninsured individuals are charged at a sliding fee scale. HIV testing and treatment services are open to everyone without any discrimination.


Counseling is available to STD infected patients to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients are allowed to call physicians for medical consultation services, and vaccines and condoms are issued to high-risk individuals.


Comprehensive STD testing services are carried out by certified physicians who are discreet and respectful. The clinic is also equipped with a modern lab, hence patients receive accurate and timely results in less than 48 hours.


1147 Warwick Way, Racine, WI, 53406



Aurora Urgent Care


Aurora Urgent Care is an integrated non-profit health-care provider serving community members of Wisconsin living in Racin city since 1984. The health facility has a team of dedicated medical practitioners delivering treatment for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries ranging from coughs, sinus problems, and sports medicine to low-cost STD testing and treatment services.


The clinic accepts multiple forms of payment including cash, checks, insurance covers, debit,  and credit cards. Low-cost STD testing and treatment services are available to every community member whether they are young or old.


Antiviral drugs are accessible to patients infected with Hepatitis and Herpes infections while antibacterial medications are available to patients with Syphilis and Gonorrhea. Individuals at a high risk of contracting STD/HIV are issued with condoms upon request.


The urgent care also has a Women’s Health Services Program dedicated to serving women with STD/HIV testing, cancer screening, and treatment by blending modern technology and advanced research. It is also run by trained and qualified medical personnel.


8400 Washington Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI, 53406



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Racine, WI

High rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are alerting public health officials in your area to a need for increased preventative education. With sexually transmitted disease education a standard part now of middle school curriculum across the United States, the efforts at education have not changed the high rates of STIs in the Milwaukee area.

As Milwaukee’s Commissioner of Health, Bevan Baker has great concerns over the large number of cases of STIs in the area. He likes to provide young people with what he calls a reality test as part of their education.

If you are sitting in a row, he asks you to look to your right. That person has chlamydia.

Look to your left. That person has gonorrhea.

If neither one has an STI, then probably you do. We see in the Milwaukee area the idea that a comprehensive approach is best for sex education.

Milwaukee public schools started a comprehensive curriculum for sex education. Teen birth rates in Milwaukee dropped after implementation of the curriculum with the goal of reducing teen birth rates to historic lows. The goal was a 46% reduction in birth rates for girls aged 15 to 17. The United Way of Greater Milwaukee and key partners set their ambitious goal to cut teen births. The city has come a long way. During the 1980s and 1990s, the city ranked among the highest in the nation in teen births.

The numbers are improving. Most improvement came since community partners made reducing teen birth rates their mission.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Racine, WI

Demographics play a role in the problems with STIs in your city, county, and state with the problems especially acute in the Milwaukee area having some of the most cases and highest rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in the nation. We see that STIs rates are high among young people and that when teens in the Milwaukee area were given the facts about contraception, STIs, and abstinence, young people began to wait longer before they had sex and reduced the number of partners they had.

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior survey showed that 40% of Wisconsin high school students have had sex. With teen pregnancy rates coming down in your area, this is good because an early pregnancy increases the chances that the young mother and her child will grow up in poverty.

There is no one reason why gonorrhea numbers are so high but a recent public health official cited poverty and drug use as being contributing reasons. Poverty can lead to homelessness which could lead to couch surfing according to the public official.

This can lead to being forced to have sex to have a place to stay. Victims do not feel that can even discuss the use of a condom. Drug use can go the same way. If someone is addicted to drugs they may not have the money when they have to get their fix. That can mean giving away their body.

STIs are highest among poor black and gay males but we are now seeing STIs grow in more affluent areas. STIs also affect young girls who are white. As we see heroin spread to other areas we see those addicted to drugs put themselves into risky and dangerous situations. This is so that they can get high.

STI Testing Resources in Racine, WI

STI testing is widely available in your community. A healthcare provider such as a doctor can provide you with education, testing, and treatment.

If you do not have a healthcare provider, many area family planning clinics, walk-in clinics, and urgent care facilities provide testing and treatment. Planned Parenthood/Racine Health Center is another option for you with the facility providing STD testing, treatments, and education, including coverage for chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and more with testing and diagnosis only for HIV and STD prevention via condoms and dental dams.

Wisconsin Medicaid and Wisconsin Medicaid Family Planning Waiver Program pay is accepted. If you are not comfortable going to Planned Parenthood, you could go to a service such as Any Lab Test Now.


The city of Racine can also provide help with their STD clinic. This facility offers confidential testing with a walk in option during regularly scheduled clinic hours.

  • Condoms are available free of charge during normal business hours also. STD screenings with a nurse are offered on a walk-in basis during clinic hours.
  • The wait should be shorter if you call for an appointment. You will not be turned away for an inability to pay.
  • HIV testing is also available during clinic hours or by appointment during normal business hours. This is confidential HIV testing.
  • This service provides a number of tests including thyroid, allergy, drug, nutrition, and STD tests such as early detection HIV, hepatitis, herpes, STD panel, chlamydia (DNA, urine), chlamydia and gonorrhea (nucleic acid amplification), gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomonas (female and male).


Another option is STD Check which offers a free consultation with a doctor as part of the service.  With this type of service, you order online, go to a lab, then get your results. Results come in 1 to 2 days. The testing is confidential. Tests are FDA-approved, which is not true of all testing services.

This group claims to offer the most comprehensive tests available with a 10-Test Panel that will test for all major STDs. They also claim they are the only company that offers hepatitis A tests in their panels. Satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. Someone is available to answer questions 24/7. If you are not sure which tests to request, this service provides recommendations for STD and HIV screening, recognizing that there are many STDs, and it can be confusing to know which to get tested for.

The STD Test Recommender helps you better determine which tests should be a top priority for you based on health related questions. These recommendations are based on national health guidelines, your daily lifestyle, and other factors, plus the information you provide is 100 percent private and confidential.

Better Sexual Health in Racine, WI

Whether you go to the Planned Parenthood Racine Health Center, a counsellor or nurse at an area high school, an online service, or a clinic such as the one run by the city of Racine, or hospital, you can find in your area information about STDs, testing, and treatment. While STD rates are high in your area, help is available in your city in the way of testing and treatment that is confidential, discreet, compassionate, and effective.

Consider how the staff at these facilities is trained to help someone like you, especially with the staff at Planned Parenthood Racine Health Center or any other facility reminding you to check your health, improve it, and keep yourself healthy by always using a condom. Here are links to resources mentioned above.

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