What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Libertyville,IL?

Libertyville, IL, a village in Lake County and a Chicago suburb, is enduring an STD crisis that’s not slowing down. 

Chlamydia infections have been rising steadily between 2008 and 2017. In 2008, the county reported 2,529 new cases, and in 2017, it had 2,257. From 2017 to 2017, the same area saw a 1% increase.

Similarly, gonorrhea diagnoses have also risen between 2010 and 2018, with 301 in 2008, and 449 in 2018. 

All syphilis cases are growing in the county. In 2012, they reported nine new primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses, and in 2017, it had 30. Early latent syphilis infections are also increasing with 27 in 2012, and 59 in 2017.

County health officials are asking all sexually active individuals to get tested regularly for STDs and help stop the spread of these preventable diseases.  

Libertyville has several locations that offer comprehensive STD testing. Most include prevention, treatment, and follow-up services.

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center operate the North Chicago Health Center on 14th St. This clinic is located on a public bus route. The county also operates a facility on Belvidere Rd in Waukegan.

Another option is the Greater Elgin Family Care Center’s Creekside Health Center on McHenry Rd in Wheeling.

A little further is the Access Northwest Community Family Health Center on N Arlington Heights Rd.

Some sites may offer free STD testing. These providers might ask for proof of income, and county clinics could require proof of address. Additionally, comprehensive screenings might not be available.