What are the STI test options in McHenry,IL?

Over the last five years, McHenry county had seen a spike in the number of reported sexually transmitted diseases and infection which have nearly doubled. It’s still projected that the number could be high since there are cases that go unreported or people who do not know they have the infectious diseases because there are no symptoms.

A report by the McHenry County shows that 1 in every 15 sexually active young people and adolescents have an STD. Chlamydia infection rate in Illinois is 562.7 compared to the national rate of 497.3, ranked 10th national. 165.2 is the infection rate for gonorrhea while the N.R is 145.8. Syphilis rate is 9.8 with 8.7 being the N.R. STD prevalence has been higher than the national average.

Illinois Department of Public Health 2016 Epidemiologic data points out disproportionate figures among the men who have sex with men community for the males and young women in females. This is attributed majorly to risky and irresponsible sexual behavior.

Research and investigation on the high STD incidence rate is ongoing spearheaded by Illinois health professionals, in attempt to find effective ways to zero out or minimize the infection rate.

Along with this goal, public health facilities in Illinois are offering comprehensive STD testing services for people who desire to get screened. McHenry County Health Department Center located along the 2200 N Seminary avenue on BLDGB, Woodstock and Elgin Health Center on 1665 Larkin Avenue are some of the federally accredited facilities which you may consider for STD services.

There are some clinics that might provide free STD testing services but they may not walk-in clinics rather you may be required to make prior appointment.

Which one is right for you?