What are the STI test options in Danville,IL?

Just over the Indiana-Illinois state line, down Interstate 74, is the city of Danville, IL. The peaceful waters of Lake Vermilion belie the growing problem Danville is having with STDs and HIV.

The fact is, during the five year period from 2012 to 2016, Danville and all of Vermilion County saw an increase in the prevalence rates for both HIV and STDs. For HIV, the increase was 31.7% and represented a 27.8% increase in reported cases.

STD cases rose by 7.2%, driving Danville’s prevalence rate up by 9.1%. The largest growth came with gonorrhea cases which nearly doubled during that time frame. Chlamydia cases dropped by less than half a percent and only one additional case of syphilis was reported during that five-year stretch.

Danville is a small community with big city problems. The spread of gonorrhea is out of control and we need a real solution before it becomes an epidemic.

Those in the Danville area who wish to be screened for STDs and/or HIV can choose from a number of sources. While there do not appear to be any in Danville itself, the nearby community of Champaign, just past the Kickapoo State Recreation Area, has several clinics that may offer these services.

These include the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District on West Kenyon Road, Planned Parenthood’s Champaign Health Center, and the Francis Nelson Health Center on Bloomington Road. The last of these is part of Promise Healthcare.

Some clinics and health care centers may offer free STD testing. Often these services do not include doctor consultation, cannot provide a prescription or follow up care, and have hidden fees.

Which one is right for you?