What are the STI test options in Palm Coast,FL?

In 2015, the CDC reported that there were nearly 5,000 adults and teenagers diagnosed with HIV in Florida. This gave the state the dubious distinction as being ranked number 1, having more new HIV infections in one year than any other state in the entire nation. 

It’s not just HIV that is a huge problem in Palm Coast, FL and throughout the Sunshine State, as the rates for other STDs are also alarmingly high. It’s not just just young and middle-aged adults that are at risk either. 

There has also been a surprising and disquieting increase among senior citizens contracting sexually transmitted diseases in Palm Coast, FL. Granted, the rates of STDs are still higher among younger folks as they are having more sex, but it turns out the elderly are having more casual sex than many might’ve assumed. Chalk it up to Viagra, the fact that there’s no risk of pregnancy, and Florida’s many retirement communities. 

STD rates are high across all demographic groups in Palm Coast, FL and this includes senior citizens. 

Getting tested for STDs doesn’t take long at all. It’s something you can do on your day off in Palm Coast, FL, and after you’re done you’ll still have time to visit the European Village, head on down to Bing’s Landing, or any one of the other popular places in town.

Certain segments of the population are especially at risk, and as a result of this there are new campaigns that may include free STD testing, education and condom distribution. Unfortunately, these services -if they are available- will not necessarily be available when they are most convenient for you. 

Although no-cost STD testing may be hard to find, many clinics and doctor’s offices can accommodate low-income individuals without health insurance. 

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