What are the STI test options in Millville,NJ?

Residents of Milville, New Jersey reported a total of 252 incidences of chlamydia in 2015. There were also 70 reported cases of gonorrhea found within that same year.

Cumberland County as a whole saw larger numbers of chlamydia instances in 2015 as well, as there were 1,078 total recorded cases. An increase since the previous years report of 987 cases. These numbers continued to rise in 2016, with 1,122 reports of chlamydia having afflicted Cumberland County residents.

Recorded cases of syphilis in all stages, including primary and secondary, early latent and late reached 21 in 2015 in Cumberland County, NJ. These numbers decreased the following year, which reported 14 total syphilis cases.

“Milville ranked 15th amongst the top 50 towns in 2015 with the highest STD rates in New Jersey”.

STD testing in offered in your area at a variety of locations. There are 2 that are near Milville, NJ that offer such services. Famcare is a clinic you may consider, they have two locations about 20 minutes away. One is in Bridgetown at 30 Magnolia Avenue, the other is in Vineland and may be closer depending on traffic, they are located at 80 South Main Road.

Free STD testing services may also be found within your local community. These services might not be as comprehensive as you may require for your level of care. STD testing may be offered, however results may not be offered on site and so you may have to wait to receive your test results.

Which one is right for you?