What are the STI test options in Newark,NJ?

Cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis have risen by 25% since 2012. In 2012, the state and city reported 401 cases of these STDs per 100,000 residents, but by 2016 this number had risen to 496 cases per 100,000 residents.

This means that by the year 2016 there were 44,300 new cases of STDs reported across the state, an increase of almost 9,000 cases per year since 2012.

The Health Department attributes this drastic increase to dating apps, casual hookups, and a lack of proper preventative care. The other side to the increase in numbers could be due to more regular testing, meaning there is a more complete picture now of the transmission and prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Health professionals and sexual education organizations are advancing treatment and preventative options, like the PrEP medication, along with regular STD testing.

Because STD rates are increasing yearly now it’s important to undergo routine testing, especially if you are sexually active. Easily locate a testing center near you, such as the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey on Washington Street or La Casa de Don Pedro on Clinton Avenue.

Newark does have free STD testing at a few locations. Privacy could be a problem however, since you often have to wait with others before being tested.

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STD Statistics In Essex County, NJ



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Essex County, NJ. Data is normalized to accurately report Essex County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Newark, NJ


Okay, you have the highest concentration of STIs without the large population. Chlamydia is reaching new highs, especially among minority women. Gonorrhea is catching up, and men need to be aware. This disease affects them.

Data is often limited to the 3 bacterial sexual diseases, but the viral infections are just as prevalent.

  • 171 patients were diagnosed with HIV.
  • Deaths associated with the virus reached 107 in 2015.
  • 66% of those newly pronounced positive were men.
  • Women accounted for the other 34 percent.

This does not include HPV, Hepatitis, Syphilis or Herpes. These are also escalading, even though they’re not mentioned.

STD Testing Newark, NJ

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

First Choice Women's Resource Center


Women’s First Choice Health Center is committed to providing to your sexual health. Parental consent is not needed, as long as you are at least 14. You can also have a conversation with a physician whenever you feel that is warranted.

Test results can take several days to come back but you can also stay in touch with the clinic if you have any concerns.


You do need to go online or call the health center first. Testing and treatment is free so you do not need to bring anything with you.


Antibiotics and referrals to other health centers can be obtained here. You can also walk back in anytime to check if the medications are working.


Past and present clients praise the staff at First Choice Women’s Center. Not only can you just walk in for testing, there is rarely a wait. The staff is courteous and will make you feel comfortable. This is surprising to many since testing and treatment is free.


35 Halsey Street Newark, NJ 07102



North Jersey Community Research Initiative


NJCRI has a 30 year plus history of providing HIV/AIDS care and treatment. They have an integrated team that works with everyone in all the departments which allows them to provide unique support and treatment. They continue to grow and expand in their ongoing effort to provide care for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 


You can stop in or call ahead. If you don’t want to wait it is best to call first. This way you know that you will be seen that day. Their hours are slightly limited, they only test during the week until 4 pm. However, there isn’t a charge for your visit. This is one of the reasons why they are often busy.


Not only do they treat common STIs, but also HIV/AIDS. They are at the forefront of researching new methods of treatment, and you often have the chance to participate in clinical trials. Only if you wish, otherwise you can stay with other, more traditional, methods of treatment. This trials usually only apply to HIV and AIDS.


NJCRI (North Jersey Community Research Initiative) is able to test and treat sexually transmitted infections and viruses. They are on Central Ave., which does have public transportation running close by. There is also a parking lot that is free for patients.



393 Central Ave, Newark, NJ 07103



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Newark


Planned Parenthood has been a constant present for men and women looking to learn about and protect their sexual health for over 100 years. The center’s expertise extends to its staff, ahich includes physicians along with technicians and counselors.

Test results can take a few days to come back but you will always be able to talk or email a qualified technician whenever you have questions.


Just by calling 24 hours in advance you can have a next day appointment. You can also do the same thing online. If you call, you can find out information about their reduced fee testing. You do need to be 19 years old to qualify for this.


If your sexually transmitted infection can be treated with antibiotics, Newark Planned Parenthood will make sure that you have the medication you need. You can also get your patient files transferred to another clinic if they can not provide you with the care you need.


Planned Parenthood has been a leader in women’s and men’s sexual health care for more than a century. You will have access to physicians and other health care professionals that only concentrate on these transmittable diseases.

Parking shouldn’t be a problem, and there is also a bus stop near by. This makes it even easier for you to take care of your sexual health.


70 Adams St, Suite 13 Newark, NJ 07105



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Newark,NJ

Newark Health Department-Aids Unit


The Department of Health and Community Wellness provides health care access to all citizens, allowing them to attain an optimal level of well-being. This clinic addresses HIV/AIDS. They are partnered with the Ryan White Project which provides benefits to everyone that might have come into contact with the virus. 



Call to let them know when you want to come. Otherwise, you probably won’t be seen that day. Testing for HIV is free, you just need to prove that you are a resident of the state. This only applies for the HIV test and any treatment you might need.


The Aids center f the health department works with the Ryan White Foundation. All treatment is free. This includes everything from medication to help with housing, nutrition and even access to support and counseling groups.

You can also return anytime for a check on your symptoms or to just monitor the disease’s progress.


The Newark Health Department-Aids Unit offers free testing and treatment, thanks to their work with the Ryan White Program.

They do ask that you call ahead and their hours aren’t always great for those that work during the day. However, sometimes it can pay to take a day off when it concerns your health.


110 William St 209, Newark, NJ 07102



Mary Eliza Mahoney Health Center


Managed by the city’s health department, this clinic caters mainly to the nearby college campus’ student body. They also have a WIC clinic inside, so the waiting room can get crowded. Since the two clinics are housed together, this does give you more access to medical professionals.

Testing is done by a technician that is licensed and trained by the health department. This should give you a little extra peace of mind knowing that the test is done correctly.


Even though the clinic is by the campus, you do not need to be a student to come in. Testing fees are generally based on income. If you have questions there is a number listed for the clinic. You can call anytime they are open and a receptionist will be able to address your questions and concerns.


Like many general STD clinics, treatment is only provided for bacterial infections. These include gonorrhea and chlamydia. You can also come back any time for a follow up exam, often free of charge.


The city is one of the few that is home to several STD clinics that are sponsored by the health department. Located on University Ave., it does get busy with college students during the evenings and on Saturdays. If you plan on going during one of these times, make sure to get there early. They do cut off accepting new patients when their roster is filled.


394 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07102



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center


Since 1901 the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center has been providing compassionate care to its clients. Along with being a national leader in successful heart transplants, the center also tests and treats a variety of diseases that are often transmitted sexually.

You could wait up to a week before learning your status but a physician will also be on hand to explain the testing procedure and your results.


You will need an appointment and this can be done online. You can also call if you have questions about your insurance. Payment is due at the time of your visit and they do not have sliding scale fees.


Prescriptions are available, if needed, after your test results come back. You can also have your patient profile sent to a physician of your choosing.


The Newark Beth Israel Medical Center has won several awards for their excellent patient care and the services they bring to the community.

You will find that the staff is welcoming, no matter your religious views. They only want to help improve the health of those in the community around them.

Parking is easy, if you choose to drive. You will also find that there is a bus stop near their front door.


201 Lyons Avenue at Osborne Terrace Newark, NJ 07112



Looking for a Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinic? Let's See What's Available in Newark, NJ

Now that you know how scary the rates have gone up, it’s time to do something about it. Public clinics are open, and their might be one close to you. If the challenges that come with these places don’t appeal to you, private testing labs might be best appropriate for you.

Planned Parenthood has an established presence here. They can test for bacterial vaginosis, genital warts, trich and other diseases and transmittable viruses. You can find them at the Ironbound Health Center, on Adams Street. They have a sliding-fee for those that don’t have insurance, or if the company doesn’t accept their claims.

The City of Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness, 110 William St, does have conventional testing. However, if herpes or hepatitis is a concern you will have to visit one of their satellite centers. There are 22, so one should be relatively nearby. This office is open late on Thursdays, but this might not apply to the other locations. Calling first is a must, but they will work with you when it comes to payment.

If you’re across the state line, on Fenimore Road, St John’s Lutheran Church is open for 30 minutes Wednesday night. From 6 – 6:30pm free testing is provided, but it is on a first come basis only. With only a half an hour, obviously everyone won’t be seen.

Newark Community Health Centers has an office in next door Irvington. It’s over on Springfield Ave and has hours on Saturday. All types of insurance are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. If you don’t have coverage, the fee can be based on your ability to pay. If you go, bring valid I.D. This will ensure that you are let through the door. This is also standard practice, regardless of where you decide to get screened.

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near Newark, NJ

It could be a result of advertising that brought about the influx of HIV clinics, and Newark answered. Not only will the very same places you go for STI checkups look for HIV, there are clinics that concentrate on finding the virus.

Taking the ferry will give you alternative places, but there are some in your neck of the woods.

St Michaels Medical Center, Martin Luther King Blvd., has standard and rapid testing for AIDS and HIV. It, and 4 others, are the only clinics in New Jersey to have rapid blood and oral swab tests. The difference is that with a rapid one, results are generally garnered before you’ve finished with the counselor. Even their website warns that hours aren’t exactly set so get in touch with them first.

Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog speakers won’t have any roadblocks with communication. Translators are around if the staff isn’t bilingual. They also have testing for Hepatitis C, which is making a comeback in predominately minority-based neighborhoods.

New Jersey Department of Health is affiliated facilities. There is a complete listing on their homepage. Funded by the public, testing is often free. Some even carry the rapid HIV tests. When doors open depend on the clinic’s location. Parking can also be an issue depending on where you end up. This might be something you want to ask.

Newark Community Health Center isn’t too far away. There are even a couple restaurants nearby where you can stop and get a bite to eat afterwards. Vaccines, rapid and conventional tests are here, and some may qualify for free care. Closer to home is the New Jersey Statewide Family Center, but they are not equipped to provide vaccines. North Jersey Community Research Initiative Counseling and Testing is a closer facility if you’re downtown.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Newark, NJ

The topics broached in sex health education are broad, but students still feel like they’re not being taught everything. This is typically not the fault of the faculty. Often, they are legally limited in what or how in-depth they can get into a subject.

Parents, teens and anyone else that wants additional education can attend a class, program or seminar put on by Planned Parenthood or other STI and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment organizations.

Specializing in family and individual services, the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center works to meet the needs of everyone affected by STDs. They know that counseling and prevention are key, and welcome anyone from infants to seniors.

St. Michael’s hosts The Peter Ho Memorial Clinic. Testing and counseling are standard. PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is something else offered to patients that fear they might be or have been exposed to the autoimmune virus. They will stress that this is not guaranteed to keep you safe, but it can give you a bit of added protection.

NJCRI (North Jersey Community Research Initiative) focuses on support and treatment for HIV and AIDS. Along with working with other groups on education, they reach out to all in the district. There are multiple offices, some geared for teens or members of the LGBT neighborhoods. Wherever you decide, you will be treated with dignity and compassion.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes open for their unique events. All are designed to heighten the public’s awareness, and you might find one fun and informative. One that is always publicized is the annual AIDS walk.


Better Sexual Health in Newark, NJ

Stay in Newark for a concert or head across the harbor for an “evening out”. Whatever you decide to do, make one more decision. Get over to a clinic and see how healthy you really are. Hopefully you won’t be surprised by your results, but if you are there will be someone to lean on. This is especially true if you go the private route.

Other Cities Near Newark, New Jersey

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