What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Pleasantville,NJ?

Over the past five years, STDs have been on the rise in New Jersey. Atlantic is among the hardest-hit counties in NJ. Health officials have expressed their concerns and are pushing for further prevention strategies.

According to a report by the New Jersey State Department of Public Health, Atlantic County recorded a 19.7% increase in the STD rate in 2012-2016, from 553.3 cases per 100,000 populations to 662.4.

Furthermore, in 2015, Pleasantville town ranked among the top 50 cities in NJ with the highest STD incidences. The city recorded an STD rate of 13.7 per 1,000 populations. There were 219 cases of chlamydia, 53 gonorrhea incidences, and five (5) new syphilis diagnoses.

Doing It is an HIV program that works to persuade individuals to get tested and know their status as a way to prevent the spread of the virus. Its goal is to ensure people seek testing services as a routine healthcare check-up.

You can get STD testing services from several medical centers in and around Pleasantville. For example, the Atlantic City Health Department Clinic situated along Atlantic Ave and South Main St may offer HIV testing and counseling on a walk-in basis.

Alternatively, you can go to the Atlantic County Health Department Clinic nestled on S Shore Rd or the Rapid STD Testing & Health Clinic along S South Carolina Ave, Atlantic City.

You can also access local clinics that might render low-cost or free STD testing services in Pleasantville. However, you may only be confined to an appointment-basis service or the health centers might not release results immediately. Further, some tests may require additional charges.