What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Oxford,AL?

Oxford, AL, a constituent of Talladega County, has a record of STD infections recurring over the past years. Data collected from Talladega shows that the number of cases reported between 2013 and 2014 indicated Chlamydia as the STD with the highest number of infections.

There were reduced cases of Chlamydia infections recorded. In 2013, for instance, Chlamydia cases were 557 and reduced to 542 in 2014.

Trichomoniasis reported cases increased from 219 infections in 2013 to 309 infections in 2014 while Gonorrhea reported an infection upsurge from 99 cases in 2013 to 202 cases in 2014.

Syphilis recorded the smallest number of infection cases with the number rising from 8 cases in 2013 to 11 cases in 2014. HIV infections reduced from 12 in 2013 to 2 in 2014 while AIDS infection cases were also minimized from 4 in 2013  to no case in 2014. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention funded the Alabama state health department to minimize STDs infections through science-based prevention and control services that were cost-effective and sustainable to help treat and prevent  STDs infections. An example was the establishment of STD/HIV prevention training centers in higher learning institutions to offer training to clinicians to serve patients at risk of infections.

Some of the public health facilities that provide STD services include Health Service Center and American Family Care Oxford. You may also visit the Calhoun County Health Care Department.

Not all the facilities may offer free STD testing services. In case you are lucky to find one that does, you may have to encounter very long queues due to the large patient volume. Doctor consultation might also not be available.