What are the STI test options in Bessemer,AL?

Alabama has the statewide highest new STD rates among 50 states. In 2015, new HIV diagnoses were 481 cases which made the county ranks 22nd in diseases prevalence.

CDC’s STD report in 2013 should infection rates of chlamydia at 611, gonorrhea at 173.7 and syphilis at 3.8. The 2015 showed a disparity. Syphilis STD rates at 5.8, gonorrhea at 148.4 and chlamydia at 543.6 per 100,000 people. Although, there is a fall in rates, STDs are still a major health concern.

According to the report, the state is at the wrong STD rankings as at 2013. Syphilis was ranked 19th with 183 cases, 9th for gonorrhea with 8,377 cases and 8th for chlamydia with 29,464 cases. This was attributed to robust campaigns that encouraged people to get screen unlike the latter years, hence the statistics, however, the rise in STD rates is generally alarming.

Alabama Health Department has identified two pillars of change in STD prevention which are; Education and Counselling. Along with these, they have incorporated science based emerging treatments such as pre-exposure vaccinations to control the spread.

Some of the public health facilities that you can consider for STD screening and testing services include Jefferson County Department of Health on 631 Bessemer superhighway and Ensley Health Center on the 417 19th Street, Alabama. The facilities offer comprehensive screening service among many other STDs tests.

Besides, local clinics within Bessemer may offer free STD testing services. Despite the services being without charges, the doctor consultation might not be available and costs may not be upfront.

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