What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Trussville,AL?

During 2006, Jefferson County made headlines because of a negative reason: STDs. The county has been recording rising STI rates, especially at the turn of 2010. Urban centers like Trussville have not been spared.

According to a Health Report Posted on Birmingham Business Journal, Jefferson County was ranked the highest region in the US with the highest syphilis prevalence in 2006. There were 238 cases, which was double 2005’s count.

In 2009, the county had the highest number of chlamydia incidences in Alabama, which was 5,310. The occurrence rate was 805.2 per 100,000 populations.

To put an end to the increasing STD rates, the Partnering and Communicating Together (PACT) was formed. The program spearheads campaigns for HIV testing, treatment, and prevention. A lot of emphases, however, is put on the need for care retention to ensure people with HIV remain healthy.

You can find several STD clinics near Trussville, which may provide testing and screening services. The Jefferson County Department of Health STD Clinic situated along 6th Ave S and West Blvd Roebuck, Birmingham, is one of the options.

You may also visit the Western Health Center on Bessemer Super Hwy, Midfield or the Birmingham AIDS Outreach clinic along 32nd St S. The latter may offer STD/HIV testing and screenings on a walk-in basis.

Even though other nearby clinics in Trussville may offer low-cost or free STD testing services, most of these facilities may open at inconvenient times. Other times the health centers may have limited modes of payment, and doctors may not be accessible for consultations whether on-site or via the phone.