What are the STI test options in Homewood,AL?

Jefferson County is among the central Alabama Counties with the leading STD counts. Since the new millennium, the county had recorded rising levels of STDs, but after CDC screening recommendation in 2007, the rates started dwindling.

According to a 2010 Disease Surveillance Summary by the Jefferson County Department of Health, the chlamydia rate was 931.7 with a total of 6,138 incidences in 2007. In 2010, the rate dropped to 653.4. Chlamydia cases were 4,345.

Moreover, the county recorded 293.5 in gonorrhea rates, a slight increase, considering the rate in 2009 was 271.0. In 2010, Jefferson County health centers reported 275 cases of syphilis, a drop from 2006’s record-high of 549 cases.

The Jefferson County HIV Prevention Network, an organization recognized by the Alabama Public Health, carries out programs and activities aimed at fighting the spread of STDs in the county. It provides HIV outreach programs to at-risk population, creating innovative prevention strategies, and partnerships with STD care clinics.

Homewood residents may find STD testing services at the Jefferson County Department of Health Clinic located at West Blvd Roebuck and 6th Ave South in Birmingham. The clinic may offer Screening, testing, and treatment for common STDs and HIV. It may also provide partner notification and pregnancy care.

Alternatively, you can visit the Planned Parenthood Health Center in Birmingham at 1211 27th Place South. The center might offer confidential testing services for HIV/STDs, HPV immunization, pregnancy testing, LGBTQ services, among others.

Free STD testing services may be available in nearby local clinics. However, you may find difficulties in accessing doctors since they may be unavailable or operate during inconvenient hours. Other shortcomings you may experience while accessing low cost services include delayed test results and long queues.

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