What are the STI test options in South Westside,FL?

In the year 2016 8.8% of people in Charlotte County Florida had an HIV test in the past twelve months. This same year in Charlotte County HIV rates were at 5.8 per population of 100,000, an upward trend since the previous years rate of 4.8 per 100,000.

Bacterial STDs were at a rate of 221.9 in the year 2016 per 100,000 Charlotte County Residents.

Comparatively Chlamydia rates in Sarasota County in 2016 were at 255.4 per 100,000 in population.This being based on the number of Chlamidya cases in Sarasota County which was a total of 1,025 that year.

“Rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Collier County raises concern, as these rates have been increasing within the last five years. Reported cases of Chlamidya reached 1,084 in 2017 in Collier County, and over 2,800 cases in Lee County were reported this same year.” 

 STD testing may be offered at a number of Planned Parenthood locations. Local Planned Parenthood locations include the Manatee Health Center on Forest Park Plaza in Bradenton or the Fort Myers Health Center on College Plaza.

The Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center on Hawthorne Street is another local option you may consider, or the Florida Department of Health on Ringling Blvd. Both clinics offer STD testing respectively. 

When considering the possibility of free STD testing, take into consideration the frequency of when such services may be available, as well as the likelihood of qualifying for such services. Your qualifications for free and low income health care services may rely on several different factors.

Which one is right for you?