What are the STI test options in Jacksonville Beach,FL?

Jacksonville Beach is part of the Jacksonville metropolitan area, and that city is known for its high STD rates. In 2015, there were 5,788 people living with HIV or AIDS in Duval County, with a prevalence rate of 762 per 100K people.

Health officials are concerned over the rising rates, and about the fact that there are still a number of people out there who don’t know they are infected. Stigma around HIV prevents many people, especially men who have sex with men, from coming in for testing. But clinics are discreet, treatment is available, and you should never be afraid to get help.

In 2017, Duval County had 6,928 chlamydia cases, at a rate of 734.8, well above Florida’s rate of 486.8. The gonorrhea and infectious syphilis rates were 343.7 and 18, also well above the Florida rates.

There are some STD-testing clinics in Jacksonville Beach, and even more in Jacksonville itself if you can get there. Don’t forget to watch the community calendar for free STD testing events, especially during STD Awareness Month.

The Duval County Center for Prevention Services at Central Health Plaza, located on W 6th St, offers STD screening. A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville, on University Blvd, offers STI testing for women and partners. Planned Parenthood is located on Powers Ave. The test for STIs and treat all of them except HIV. The fee is on a sliding scale.

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STD Statistics In Duval County, FL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Duval County, FL. Data is normalized to accurately report Duval County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Statistics in the state are compiled by county. The city is located in Duval County and their most recent data indicates that two common bacterial infections, chlamydia and gonorrhea as well as the viral infection HIV, are all more common in this region than Nationwide. This is alarming to both residents and local health authorities.

Chlamydia infections are well above both the state and country averages.  the rates for Gonorrhea and HIV are both almost twice the National rate. Duval County’s HIV rates are actually the 3rd highest in the nation, according to statistics.

According to Health Department Records:

  • 2,574 people are living with HIV in Duval County
  • 3,348 are living with AIDS
  • Men account for 76 percent of new infections
  • 35 percent of cases came from heterosexual contact
  • Florida has the highest rate of new infections of all States
  • A significant number of HIV/AIDS patients are between the ages of 30 and 39

Sexual health advocates in the Duval County are making great effort to dispel common myths about STDs such as:

  • I’ve only had one partner so I don’t need to get tested.
  • You can tell if someone has an STD by looking at them.
  • I don’t have symptoms so I don’t need to get tested.
  • If I need to be tested my doctor would automatically tell me.

The Florida Department of Health has also implemented health hotlines and free clinical services for Duval County residents recently. Getting tested regularly is key to a clean bill of health as well as your peace of mind, and never before has it been as easy or convenient.

STD Testing Jacksonville Beach, FL

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near
Jacksonville Beach,FL

JASMYN Incorporated


STD Testing at Jacksonville, FL 32203, USA

JASMYN Incorporated is a non-profit organization that empowers and enriches the lives of LGBTQ youth living in and around Jacksonville, FL. This organization is run by 23 employees and countless volunteers who work together every day to make the lives of youth within the LGBTQ community happier and healthier. Their facility offers a safe place for young people to get health and wholeness services and youth development opportunities. This organization was founded in October 1994.


JASMYN offers HIV and sexually transmitted infection testing for young people who are at least 13 years old to 24 years old. These testing services are available no matter of insurance or income status. Rapid HIV testing is available for free between Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

STI testing is available through their sexual health clinic in addition to educational materials. STI testing is offered at the sexual health clinic every Thursday at 4:00 pm to 7:15 pm.


Individuals who are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection will be able to find treatment or linkage to treatment at JASMYN. Those who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS will receive counseling, education, and linkage to care. Linkage to both PrEP and nPEP is available. If you should have any questions about HIV or STIs, any of their on-site staff should be able to answer general questions for you during your visit.


JASMYN is LGBTQ-centered nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for socialization, getting health education about HIV, Hepatitis C, and STIs, clinical services, support services, and youth development opportunities. JASMYN is passionate about ensuring every visitor feels safe, accepted, and valued.


Jacksonville, FL 32203, USA


STD Testing at JASMYN Incorporated


Sulzbacher Center Medical Clinic (Downtown Clinic)


STD Testing at 611 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA

Sulzbacher provides services and opportunities for homeless men, women, and children to live a better life. This clinic provides health, housing, and income services. Their ending goal is to reduce and better yet end homelessness one person at a time. Sulzbacher started in December 1995. Sulzbacher believes that homeless people deserve more than just a meal and bed. They believe by providing more in-depth services that they help people achieve employment and independent living so they can transform their life for the better.


The Sulzbacher downtown clinic provides health services for the homeless, uninsured, and those whose income falls below 200% of current federal poverty guidelines. There are no qualifications for their HIV and STI testing services This clinic accepts insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. A sliding fee scale is also offered.


This facility can provide treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Most cases of HIV and Hepatitis will require a referral for proper treatment and support services. The medical staff at the downtown clinic can answer general questions about sexually transmitted diseases.


The Sulzbacher Downtown Clinic provides men’s services and adult health care services. This clinic provides daily meals, beds, case management, job placement assistance, substance abuse counseling, and much more.


611 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA


STD Testing at Sulzbacher Center Medical Clinic (Downtown Clinic)


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near
Jacksonville Beach,FL

River Region Human Services Incorporated


STD Testing at 3901 Carmichael Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

River Region Human Services has been in operation since 1972. At that time this organization was dedicated to providing substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services. Now they are a more well-rounded facility that offers substance abuse treatment, HIV prevention & education, mental health services, court services, and housing assistance.


This community-based organization offers HIV testing Monday through Friday at their Carmichael location. They also have mobile testing sites. Please view their website for details about mobile testing locations. HIV testing is free and confidential. Pre-test counseling services are available.


Once someone is diagnosed with HIV, post-test counseling is provided. Linkage to services for HIV/AIDS treatment and education becomes available too. River Region’s Outreach Department can provide individuals diagnosed with HIV with general information to hopefully answer any questions about the disease.


River Region Human Services Incorporated has provided care and assistance to Florida residents for more than 45 years. In addition to their Carmichael location, they have six other facilities. This organization has 13 employees that include roles such as Director of Residential Services, Director of Mat Clinical Services, Senior Director of Nursing & Medical Services, and many more. The Carmichael location is a one-story building that is brown and white and has its own parking lot to the left of the building.


3901 Carmichael Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA


STD Testing at River Region Human Services Incorporated


APEL Health Services Center Incorporated


STD Testing at 728 Blanche St #213, Jacksonville, FL 32204, USA

APEL Health Services Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 as an HIV/AIDS outreach program. APEL provides health and wellness services, disease prevention, intervention within high-risk communities, and much more. APEL targets primarily inner-city Jackson, FL adults and youth. APEL focuses not only on HIV positive individuals but also on individuals who are living with hepatitis C.


APEL Health Services Center does not have any qualifications for Hepatitis C or HIV testing services. Anyone who is a Florida resident is welcome to be tested at this facility but this center does target the Jacksonville area.


Through their HIV/AIDS/Hep-C Prevention Program individuals who are diagnosed with either sexually transmitted disease can access counseling services and linkage/referral services in order to find treatment and follow-up care.


Overall, APEL Health Services Center has three major program focuses which include HIV/AIDS/Hep-C prevention, Project YouthLink which provides HIV/AIDS and STD education to community members, and health wellness and disease prevention services that provide screening for chronic diseases within Jacksonville communities. This facility is a multiple story building that is white and blue on the outside. Parking is available on both sides of the building.


728 Blanche St #213, Jacksonville, FL 32204, USA


STD Testing at APEL Health Services Center Incorporated


Walk-ins are only welcome M-F only between 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
Jacksonville Beach,FL

Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida Incorporated (Jacksonville Health Center)


STD Testing at 5978 Powers Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32217, USA

The Jacksonville Health Center is owned and operated by the Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida. PPSENFL was founded in 1971. Their goal is to provide a safe place for individuals and families where they can come and get a wide range of clinical services completed and learn more about their own sexual and reproductive health. This statewide Planned Parenthood operates a total of 11 health centers.


The Jacksonville Health Center does not have any qualifications visitors must meet before they can be tested for sexually transmitted diseases at the Jacksonville Health Center. All STD testing is available during business hours by appointment only. This center offers rapid HIV testing that can give results within 30 minutes. At this center, trained staff provides the testing services.


The educated and qualified staff at the Jacksonville Health Center provides on-site treatment to individuals who are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Individuals who are being tested for HIV will only receive testing and diagnosis services only. They can be referred to another clinic in order to treatment.


The Jacksonville Health Center provides a wide range of sexual health and reproductive health services to community members. Services such as STI and HIV testing and treatment are available in addition to LGBTQ services, men’s health care, pregnancy testing, and much more. This center can offer assisted communication services at no cost to the patient.


5978 Powers Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32217, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida Incorporated (Jacksonville Health Center)


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Jacksonville Beach,FL

Florida Department of Health in Duval County (Magnolia Women’s Health Center)


STD Testing at 5300 N Pearl St, Jacksonville, FL 32208, USA

The Magnolia Women’s Health Center is owned and operated by the Florida Department of Health in Duval County. This Department of Health provides healthcare services to almost 1 million Jacksonville, FL residents. The clinical and nutrition services the Magnolia Women’s Health Center offers include case management, family planning, maternity/prenatal care, and women’s health.


The infectious disease services at this health center provide HIV testing and sexually transmitted infection testing services. Any female between the ages of 15-44 years of age and who is also a Duval County resident is welcome to be tested. Please bring a photo ID and any health insurance or income information.


The onsite medical staff at the Magnolia Women’s Health Center can provide on-site treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis. However, individuals who are diagnosed with HIV will receive case management, counseling, and connection to treatment facilities where they can be treated for HIV/AIDS.


The Magnolia Women’s Health Center with the help and support of the Florida Department of Health provides a wide variety of healthcare services for families and individuals. This center does accept Medicaid and Medicare. They also offer a sliding scale fee for women who may have a lower income.


5300 N Pearl St, Jacksonville, FL 32208, USA


STD Testing at Florida Department of Health in Duval County (Magnolia Women’s Health Center)


The first Monday of the month their hours are changed from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm to 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Duval County educators are attempting to help stop the spread of STDs by creating teen health centers. In collaboration with the CDC through a DASH grant, these programs focus on evidence-based curriculum and teach about the risks of HIV and STD transmission. All services provided at the teen health centers are free and immediately available including testing, counselling and follow up.

Unfortunately the sunshine state has long taught abstinence-only-until-marriage programs which are keeping area youth in the dark about STDs. Instead of acknowledging that today’s teens are engaging in a certain level of sexual behavior, educators are turning a blind eye and avoiding the conversation entirely. Several studies have evaluated the effectiveness of abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and, so far, no evidence has been found that these programs reduce either the rates of premarital sex or STDs.

Interestingly the statistics for HIV show, not surprisingly, that male to male transmission through sexual contact is the most frequent way of contracting HIV in the city, and that heterosexual sex is the second most frequent method of infection. This might indicate that basic safe sex practices are not being used in the region.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Jacksonville Beach, FL

While the demographics of the area reflect fewer ethnic populations than some parts of the country, we currently see 64% Caucasian, 21% black, 6.9% Latino, and the balance being mixed race or American Indian. The infection rate for many STDs is higher in black males and especially in a subset to this demographic who engage in homosexual sex.

The rate of black females living with an HIV diagnosis in the region is 14 times higher than that of Caucasian females. It is also notable that in our region most of these diseases are being transmitted sexually and not through blood transfusion or injection drug use. That’s good news as education about healthy preventative methods is more easily implemented to this demographic than it would be to substance abusers, homeless and other at-risk groups.

These statistics leave experts wondering if new apps, like Tinder, that encourage hookups and anonymous sex are contributing to the increase in diagnosis. Using social media to arrange casual sexual encounters is definitely a high-risk behavior that the normally low-risk population are engaging in. The twenty-somethings don’t remember the fear of AIDS that scared everyone to engage in safer sex. People now see HIV as a chronic disease rather than a life threatening illness or death sentence. The good news is the CDC has contributed a $34 million grant to implement high-impact HIV prevention for Florida’s communities.

The good news for residents and visitors alike, is there are now more than 10 STD clinics located in the area. They range from free and anonymous test centers to full-service high-end clinics. Testing can be scheduled online and take as little as 15 minutes out of your day.

Better Sexual Health in Jacksonville Beach, FL

The city boasts a friendly and laid-back vibe. This doesn’t mean you should sit back and ignore your sexual health needs. Located around the community there are confidential test sites that have qualified, discrete personnel who share your goal of staying keeping you healthy. Taking time to prioritize your health will give you confidence and security whatever your current relationship status might be.

Getting this beachside city past this current STD crisis means getting testing, getting treatment and getting advice and support. There are a number of local companies offering same-day STD testing. As well there is always the option of mail-order companies who offer results from home swabs you take yourself with confidentially quick results.