What are the STI test options in St. Peters,MO?

The state of Corvallis’ sexual health has caused concerns among public health professionals in Brenton County. That’s because the county health has reported alarming rates of sexually transmitted infections.

As per the reports by the Oregon State University, chlamydia incidences had the highest number. In 2012, Brenton County recorded 234 new chlamydia cases, as compared to the 211 cases reported in 2011.

Additionally, the report indicated that there were 22 more incidences of gonorrhea in 2012 than in 2011. Only one (1) new syphilis diagnosis was recorded, as well as four cases of HIV/AIDS within the same period.

In partnership with the Oregon Health Authority, Brenton County Health initiated the Communicable Disease Prevention Program. This program, in conjunction with other local care providers, aims to prevent the STDs and HIV through testing and treatment, as well as community outreach programs.

There are several clinics you may receive HIV testing in Corvallis. They include the First Christian Church located along SW Madison Ave; the Westminster House situated on NW 23rd St; and the CHANCE clinic on SE 3rd Ave in Albany.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Brenton County Health Department at 530 NW 27th St. Here, you may receive HIV testing, STD screening, treatment, and prevention plans. The OSU Student Health Services on SW Memorial Place is another STD care clinic you may consider.

There are other medical clinics in Corvallis that may offer free STD testing, although there are disadvantages. You may have to pay for specific STD testing. Also, booking for an appointment may not be an option.

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