What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Fairview Heights,IL?

New HIV infections in St. Clair County, where Fairview Heights is located, showed a slight variation although high count for 2018 and 2017 statistics. The county recorded 691 cases in 2018 and 693 in 2017.

In 2018, the health department reported 2,215 cases of chlamydia infections at a prevalence rate of 820.2. The number of infections was slightly lower than that recorded in the preceding year, with records showing 2,219 new infections at a prevalence rate of 821.7 in 2017. Although there was a slight reduction in numbers, the cases were significantly high.

Gonorrhea had the second-highest number of infections after chlamydia. The health department noted a huge increase in 2018 as it recorded 1,025 cases at a prevalence rate of 379.6 as compared to 2017 statistics, which read 920 cases at a prevalence rate of 340.7.

The number of reported early syphilis cases as of 2018 was 55 cases at a prevalence rate of 20.4. 2017 had 59 cases at a prevalence rate of 21.8, depicting a slight reduction in numbers.

Primary and secondary cases were 34 at a prevalence rate of 12.6 in 2017 and 29 at a prevalence rate of 10.7 in 2018. 

St. Clair County Health Department runs community outreach programs that create awareness and offer STD prevention education. It also facilitates easy access to low-cost STD testing services.

Fairview Heights residents can seek STD testing services at Planned Parenthood – Fairview Heights Health Center and St. Clair County Health Department, Belleville, IL.

Some of the facilities provide free STD testing and treatment services. However, walk-in options may not be available, and some services may be free for some STD tests but not all.