What are the STI test options in Wildwood,MO?

St. Louis County ranks among the STD hotbeds in the US, recording the highest chlamydia rates in the country. Besides, the region was also highlighted as one of the regions with the highest spikes in syphilis transmission rates.

An annual STD surveillance by the Center for Disease and Control & Prevention (CDC) unwrapped the syphilis situation, and the county recorded a 42% increase in the syphilis cases in 2017.

In the health report released in September 2017, the rates of chlamydia were so high that in every 72 individuals, there was one (1) chlamydia incident. However, for gonorrhea, the rate was one (1) incident per 133 population.

In collaboration with the Washington University School of Medicine, the St. Louis County Health, offers technical assistance to community local health centers. The campus’ STD/HIV Prevention Training Program focuses on providing professional caregivers with top-notch medical research skills and vast knowledge about STD and sexual health.

For testing purposes, you can choose to visit one of the STD care centers located within Wildwood town. The ST. Louis County Health Department (North Central Clinic) lies along South Central. The health center may provide anonymous testing, counseling services, and treatment.

In addition, you can head down to the Saint Louis Effort for AIDS center on Locust Street, or the St. Louis Thrive Women’s Healthcare situated in different parts of the county, including St Louis on Lindell Blvd.

Getting free STD testing may be offered by neighboring health facilities, but comes with disadvantages. For example, the service may not be available, or the tests might not be free as you thought.

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