What are the STI test options in Oregon City,OR?

The rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Oregon City, OR, in Clackamas County have remained high over the years. The Public Health Impact report released by the Clackamas County Public Health in 2018 disclosed that chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhoea levels had had an upward trend from 2012 to 2016.

The STD Surveillance Report for 2007-2016 in Clackamas County showed that there were 1050 chlamydia cases in 2014. They rose to 1168 in 2015 and reached 1250 in 2016.

The report also disclosed that the county recorded 105 gonorrhea infections in 2014. The cases of the STD were 210 in 2015, and had hit 285 by the end of 2016.

In 2018, the Public Health Impact report revealed that teenagers aged between 15-19 years accounted for 25% of the chlamydia cases reported in Clackamas County. 70% of all the STD’s infections reported were in women.

The Clackamas County Public Health officials are fighting the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by encouraging residents to get tested; together with their partners. Counseling services are also available for those who test positive for different STDs.

You can also access HIV/STD testing at the Clackamas County Public Health Division (Beavercreek Health Center) and the Planned Parenthood – Milwaukie-Oak Grove Health Center. Another nearby medical facility that you can visit for the tests is the Benton County Health Services in Corvallis.

You can visit nearby health centers which may provide free STD testing services during specific times. However, they might only cover one or two STDs and it may be hard to book appointments.

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