What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Camas,WA?

Chlamydia infection cases were reported to be the highest in Clark County with a total of 823 in 2015. The number of infections recorded rose from 812 cases in 2014 to  823 cases in 2014. Syphilis Early Latent Stage infections recorded a decrease from 26 cases in 2014 to 15 cases in 2015.

Primary and Secondary Syphilis had a slight decrease from 16 infections in 2014 to 15 in 2015. HIV infections, however, were reported to have increased from 33 cases in 2014 to 41 in 2015. AIDS had a minor decrease of 18 cases in 2014 to 16 cases in 2015.

Gonorrhea cases reduced from 271 incidents noted down in 2014 to 247 cases in the year 2015.

Clark County Public Health Department has stepped up to help persons in the community addicted to activities that promote the increase of STD  infections like abuse of drugs and having multiple sex partners by providing free clean needles, condoms, lubricants, and sterile water thrice a week.

There are a number of facilities offering STDs testing and treatment around Camas City including Vancouver clinic-Washougal, Planned Parenthood Vancouver Health Center,  Lacamas Medical Group in Camas, and Legacy Go Health Urgent Care in Vancouver. Another suggestion you could visit for STD  testing and treatment is Wintzer Acupuncture located in Camas.

Some facilities offer free STD testing services but clients may face challenges of doctors’ unavailability or inconvenient opening and closing hours of the clinics.