What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Five Corners,WA?

Five Corners, WA, had an HIV prevalence of 520 cases in 2017 at a rate of 143, which further increased to 633 at a rate of 168 in 2018.

The county also recorded high numbers of Chlamydia. In 2014, there were 1,534 incidences at a rate of 346. 4, which was an upward surge from 1,421 cases at a rate of 326. 3, reported back in 2013.

Chlamydia prevalence in the county was higher in females at 1,068 at a rate of 484.5 in 2014, which was three times higher than that of men at 353 cases.

Gonorrhea was also dominant in the county, with 149 cases at a rate of 34.2 in 2013. This was an increase to 208 incidences at a rate of 47 in 2014.

The county had 23 cases of Syphilis at a rate of 5.3 in 2013 but reduced to 20 infections at a rate of 4.5 in 2014.           


Clark County Health Department strives to reduce the high prevalence of STD/HIV rates by offering free screening and testing services in all of its centers. To eradicate the STDs, the County Health Department also delivers field-delivered medications to persons who tested for STDs but didn’t return for treatment.          

There are many health centers in Five Corners, WA, where you can access free STD testing if you wish to know your HIV/STD health condition. You might experience long wait times, and doctors’ consultation might not be available on-site or on the phone. 

Regular HIV/STD testing is an integral part of your overall health care plan. Some of the Five Corners’ facilities you might consider for sexual health services include Planned parenthood- Vancouver Health Center and Legacy-Go Health Urgent Care. Other hospitals that are equally accessible within the census-designated area include PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center and PeaceHealth Medical Group Trauma.