What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Clarksdale,MS?

Coahoma County is home to Clarksdale, MS, which had a decreasing trend in HIV/STD cases between 2017 and 2018. HIV occurrences were reported to be 160 at a rate of 816 in 2018 a decrease from 181 at a rate of 900 reported in 2017.

Gonorrhea, which is treatable by antibiotics also decreased in 2018 as 153 cases were reported at a rate of 660.8, which was less than the 169 at a rate of 729.9 noted in 2017.

The county also reported alarming Chlamydia rates both in 2017 and 2018 as the rate in 2017 was 1710.3 that declined to 1589.4 in 2018. Reported cases for Chlamydia were 396 in 2017, and they decreased to 368 in 2018.

Another concern for the county was the increasing Syphilis number, and rates as primary and secondary syphilis had eight incidences in 2017 almost doubling to 15 cases in 2018.       

Coahoma County Health Department is active in the HIV/STD eradication process as it provides affordable STD/HIV testing, care, and treatment services to the residents. Through creating a partnership with community-based organizations and clinics, the county health department provides HIV/STD prevention education to correctional facilities, vulnerable groups, and academic institutions to help them in making informed decisions on sexual matters.  

Clarksdale, MS, a crossroads of American Music and Culture, has numerous medical centers where you can access free STD testing. However, not all STD tests are free, and walk-in options might not exist.

To learn of your HIV/STD status and to get the appropriate care and counseling, you can consider visiting healthcare centers, such as Fast Pace Health Urgent Care Clarksdale, Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, and Family First Clinic of Clarksdale.