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Located within Pulaski County in Arkansas State is Jacksonville city which was named after the 1870s landowner Nicholas Jackson. The city had a population of 28, 364 according to the 2010 US census. The city which has overseen gradual economic growth since its incorporation is a suburb of Little Rock. The establishment of Little Rock Air Force Base in 1955 was a major boost to the economy of the city and State.

The city boasts several top Universities and Colleges including American Intercontinental University, Colorado Technical University, Webster University, Bethel Baptist College among others. The city is also a center of tourism with sites like Jacksonville Museum, Splash Zone, Holland Bottoms Wildlife, Stonewall Park, among others being within the city. With the city’s economic and population growing over the years, STD infection has also been alarmingly increasing.

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STD Statistics In Pulaski County, AR



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Pulaski County, AR. Data is normalized to accurately report Pulaski County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Jacksonville, AR

With the city’s economic status growing over the last five years, the population has also been increasing with STD infection rates also scaling. The Jacksonville Metropolitan Area was ranked the ninth in the whole country in new Hiv/Aids infections. According to a 2015 report on HIV/AIDs, there were 309 reported cases of HIV/AIDS. More than 6553 people in the city were living with HIV/AIDS. Among them, 65% were men while 35% were women. According to race,

64% Blacks

6% Latino Hispanics

27% White

Though cases of HIV/AIDs have been fading over time, other forms of STDs including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis have been alarmingly increasing within the city. Chlamydia is the most common STD amongst locals in Pulaski County. Females account for more than 70% of the total infections. The Black American and Latino Hispanics females are the most affected while men who have sex with other men have the biggest ratio of infections amongst men.

With a staggering rate of 801 per 100,000 population, chlamydia is causing a scare amongst the locals. In the last five years, the trend of infections within the city and county have been increasing steadily. According to a recent research, these numbers have been necessitated by the increasing indulgence in unprotected sex amongst the youth who lack the right sexual information. Most of the infected are the youth within the age bracket of 15-29 years, accounting to more than 70% of the total infections.

Gonorrhea is the second most prevalent STD within Jacksonville. Having been first diagnosed in the early 1960s, the STD has been causing the locals sleepless nights. Men who have sex with other men account to more than half of the men’s infections within the city. The Latino Hispanics and the Black Americans account for more than 80 % of the total infections. According to a 2015 research, Pulaski county had a rate of 284 per 100,000 population.

The prime age between 15-29 years account for more than  &0% of the total county infections. According to a recent research most of the gonorrhea cases are not reported. This implies that the rate of infections within the city and county if were all reported would be massive.

The third most common STD is syphilis. Syphilis cases are mostly reported amongst men who have sex with other men. There’s a significant difference of infection between males and females with males being the most infected gender. The city has a rate of 18 per 100,000 population. The Black Americans are the most hard hit by Syphilis. There has also been concerns over the resurgence of congenital syphilis, which is transmissible from mother to unborn child.   

The three STDs rates per 100,000 population according to a 2015 report was:

Chlamydia 801

Gonorrhea 284

Syphilis 18

Graph of std rates in jacksonville arkansas from 2015

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Jacksonville, AR

With the escalating rates of STD infection in Jacksonville city and Pulaski County, policies and measures have been developed to aid in sensitizing the locals on sexuality. According to a recent research more than 50% of students between the age of 15-18 years have had sex experience. The research further highlights that amongst the 50% more than 47% of them don’t use protection as they lack the right information about sex.

The health community in Jacksonville in conjunction with the the county health community allow the teaching of abstinence only program which instills complete abstinence from sex matters till marriage. Along with shallow contraception information these are the legally allowed form of sex education within the city and county. There are some policies that govern the delivery of abstinence education like:

  • parents involvement in sexual education programs
  • Parents are allowed to opt out their children from these classes.
  • Offered information should be medically accurate and age appropriate.

The abstinence plus is another form of sex education program that is gradually being introduced in schools within the city. Also known as comprehensive sexual education, this type of program calls for teaching about protection use and contraception methods. Use of condoms is taught under this system while also covering aspects like physical and emotional changes in the development of individuals. Parents are allowed to opt out their kids from these classes if they feel that they do not meet the required age for the system. Middle and high schools are slowly adopting the system within the city. The education offered should be medically accurate and age appropriate.

Universities and colleges within the city have also joined in sensitizing the locals on sexuality. Through mobilisation and exhibitions they deliver accurate sex education to the locals and mostly the youth who are sexually active. They teach on the need for condom use and contraception methods. Youth programs have also been mobilized throughout the county and the city sensitizing the youth on the need for STD testing and protection during sex.

Women organizations within the city are also backing the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in schools and colleges. Along with outreach programs they help in delivering medically accurate sex information to the population.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Jacksonville, AR

Demographics have had great influence in the spread of STDs within Jacksonville city. With the population of the city rapidly growing over the last five years and the economy concurrently growing, the population distribution has had grounded impacts on the increasing rates of STD infection.

The age breakdown in the city has shown that more than 45% of the population are the people aged below 30 years. This is the sexually active age and also the age bracket of exploring sex, this explains why it is the most hard hit age bracket by STDs. With most of people within the age bracket lacking right sex information coupled with ignorance, most avoid safe sex.

Poverty is another factor that has greatly contributed to the increase of STDs within the city. 18.7% of the city’s population according to a 2015 research are living in poverty. This is a large population which is unable to afford regular health check ups. With unemployment also scaling over the years at the rate of 5.4% in the city, these two factors have greatly increased the chances of STD infection. With most of the hard hit by poverty and unemployment being the youth who have just completed college, this explains why they are the most infected by STDS.

Internet hook ups due to the availability of internet and modern technology in homes. This necessitates human interactions and associations, people interact with others they have never met and known in their lives. This increases the chances of infection in the event of unprotected sex. More than 98% of the total population have access to internet and social media platforms, these act as meeting points.

Drug abuse and drinking are also factors that have contributed to the increase of STD infection within Jacksonville. With more than 80 % of the population according to a 2015 research using alcohol, this impairs judgement and mostly sex matters.  When high people lose themselves to peer influence and ignorance, this increases the chances of infection.

Lack of a well structured comprehensive sexual education program is another contributing factor to the escalating cases of STD infection. Lack of right and accurate information about sexuality has affected most of the locals and mostly the youth.

STI Testing Resources in Jacksonville, AR

The city of Jacksonville has been experiencing a reportedly all time high rate of STD infections. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis infection rates have been increasing rapidly for the last five years. Within the last three years there have been reported cases of congenital syphilis within the city. This has been detrimental to the health status of the city. The health community have invested heavily on improving and establishing new health facilities within the city to help combat the situation.

Pulaski County Health Unit is one of the main public health centers within the city and county. It offers free HIV/AIDs testing and treatment services. All other STDs are tested and treated at a subsidized cost. They offer appointment basis services with an option for referral upon client’s request. STD testing and treatment is done by qualified experts who have specialized in different STDs. They guarantee you medically correct diagnosis, which is done privately and confidentially. They also offer family therapies depending on the preference of their clients. North Metro Medical Center  is another public health facility within the city. It offers appointment basis STD services that are private and confidential. They have options for family or individual therapies which are handled by experienced experts. This is one of the earliest medical center’s within the city and boasts a reputation of handling STDs expertly. HIV/AIDs testing is freely done in this health center while the other STDs are tested at a subsidized cost.

Cornerstone Hospital of Little Rock is a private health facility within the city. This facility offers high end STD testing, treatment and management services. Renown for offering quality services, the facility has an expertly assembled staff that is focused on bettering the health status of the locals. They handle their clients courteously. Their services are private and confidential with an option for family therapies for couples. St. Vincent Clinic is another private health center within the city of Jacksonville. The health facility handles appointment basis services to avoid wasting client’s time. STD testing and treatment is done privately and confidentially with an option for family therapies for couples. Their staff bonds well with their clients.

Arkansas Quick Care is an urgent care in the city. It offers walk in basis services that are handled on a first come first served. Equipped for handling emergency cases, this is primed as one of the finest urgent care centers within the city and county. Their services are private and confidential with an option for referral upon client’s request. You don’t have to waste time booking for an appointment, just walk into this facility and know your status. Baptist Health Urgent Care is another health facility within the city. It offers emergency services to all residents regardless of race, religion or place of origin. Renown for its reputation in STDs, the facility has a qualified staff that is ready to attend to you.

Baptist Health Planned Parenthood Center is another health facility within the city. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. It also offers contraception education to couples. They also dispense condoms and offer counselling their clients prior to testing. They believe in delivering quality services to the locals. They offer both individual and family therapies. Little Rock Health Center Planned Parenthood Center is another parenthood center within the city. It has various branches across the city and attends to all residents regardless of religion or race. They offer appointment basis services.

Better Sexual Health in Jacksonville, AR

STD infection in Jacksonville city has been worrisome with trends showing no signs of slowing down. The health sector along with the federal government have chipped in to implement policies that would steady the situation. Sex education and regular STD check up has been proposed as the two means of combating STD infection. The health community within the city  is gradually introducing comprehensive sexual education and improving the standards of various health institutions so as to handle bulk testing.

There are factors that have greatly impacted the rate of infection within the city. These factors are drugs and drinking, poverty, unemployment and existence of different races. Working closely with non governmental organisations, the county government is committed to reducing poverty and unemployment. This would in turn decrease the rate of STD infection within the city.

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