What are the STI test options in Greenville,MS?

Greenvillle, MI is a small town located on the Mississippi Delta. It is a quiet, small town in Washington County and it also has a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases among teens.

These high rates of STDs among teens is of particular concern for Washington County Health Officials because, when left untreated, STDs can lead to permanent damage and infertility later in life.

Total rates for all sexually transmitted diseases in the county occur at higher rates than Mississippi state averages and US national averages, particularly for chlamydia. Chlamydia occurs at almost twice state averages.

Teen pregnancies occur at rates of 66.1 per 1,000 female teens in Washington County. Chlamydia occurs in 1,213 out of every 100,000 total residents. This makes getting teens tested a priority in Washington County.

The State of Mississippi is working in conjunction with county officials to provide safe and free ways for teens and adults to get tested for STDs. The STD/HIV program links people to free STD testing in their area at all county level public health departments, but you must meet income and other criterion to qualify for free services.

The Aaron E Henry Community Health Services Centers and Delta Medical Group are other options they may offer low-cost STD testing in the Greenville area.  Free public clinics often require parental consent and are not always anonymous. In addition, the hours and days open are not always convenient or accessible to teens or adults, especially if the teen needs access to family insurance.

Which one is right for you?