What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Searcy,AR?

Searcy, a city in white County with approximately 24,000 people in an area of 47.69 square kilometers, is one of the densely populated areas in Arkansas. From statistics, such areas record high STD infection rates with this case not being exemption. In 2015, Arkansas was ranked 30th for HIV prevalence with 258 new diagnoses.

According to the CDC Annual STD Report, statistics for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, the major infectious diseases, have been falling and rising in the past decade. However, the figures are still high with Chlamydia having an incidence rate of 545 in 2015 ranked 8th; in 2019 Arkansas had 17,320 new diagnoses at the rate of 579.6.

Similarly, gonorrhea infection rate was at 161.1 ranked 6th and syphilis has a rate of 4.5 at 28th position in 2015. 50 congenital cases were reported from 2011 through to 2015. The numbers have increased with over 30% in 2019 posing a public health emergency in STD prevention and Control.

The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control through the federal government has been funding the Arkansas State Health Department to conduct scalable and effective programs for HIV and STD prevention calls within communities

STD testing is, therefore, important in fighting STD spikes within the city of Searcy. Services range from various STD tests, HPV vaccines, Treatment using Science-based drugs and education. Public Centers that provide such services include the Arkansas Department of Health Northeast Region and Southeast Region has operations within the region.

Some local clinics might provide free STD testing, however, the tests may not be comprehensive and the results might delay for more than two weeks. Another downside of low cost clinics is you may encounter long queues before getting the services.