What are the STI test options in Pine Bluff,AR?

Pine Bluff serves as the county seat for populous Jefferson County. As the 10th largest city in Arkansas, they’re hoping that by raising awareness all throughout the Little Rock-North Little Rock-Pine Bluff area they can stave off rising STD rates. 

Located just south of state capital Little Rock, Pine Bluff shares many of the same issues as its urban metropolitan counterpart, and with the rest of the state.

In 2016, Jefferson County reported 983 new cases of chlamydia. That same year, they had 407 newly documented outbreaks of gonorrhea.

Health officials credit diligence in screening to their reduction in syphilis cases by 30% between 2011 and 2015. There were an estimated 458 people living with HIV/AIDS in Jefferson County in 2015.

Those most affected by these bacterial infections are commonly either in the 15-24-year age group, female, or People of Color, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Arkansas – State Health Profile. Doctors within the Pine Bluff area hypothesize that shame and failing to be screened out of fear or misinformation might be leading to the increased risk of transmission.

If you are in Pine Bluff and looking to get tested, there are a few affordable options near you. There’s the Jefferson County Health Unit on Rike Drive. They offer HIV/STD counseling, testing, and treatment. If you’re looking for a more traditional doctor experience STD testing is offered through wellness exams at Healthcare Plus on Dusty Lake Drive. To find free STD testing opportunities, head into Jefferson. Most public clinics offer same day, walk-in appointments, but be prepared to wait longer with an increased chance of being seen waiting by someone you know.

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