What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Corcoran,CA?

There were approximately 2 million new diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States of America in 2018. Chlamydia was the dominant infectious diseases; the national situation is a perfect reflection of the reality in Corcoran city and California states.

According to 2017 STD Survey report, there were about 218,700 cases of chlamydia at the rate of 552.2 while 75,372 cases of gonorrhea were reported at the rate of 190.3 which was a 165 increase from 2016. 13, 719 cases of syphilis similarly were documented at an incidence rate of 34.6, an increase by 21%.

A steep increase in chlamydia cases was noted; in 2015 the chlamydia prevalence rate was 487.5, sharply increased to 552.2 in 2016 and in 2018 at 557.4 per 100,000 populations. The rate among women was 621.4 while that of men was 350.2.

Congenital syphilis weighed down health authorities with 283 cases reported in 2016 out of which 30 became stillbirths. This figure was 32% increase from the previous year.

The 2017 STD Surveillance report quickened the California State Department of Health to act by establish STD/HIV prevention training centers responsible for diagnosis and treatment as well as education, medical consulting and awareness.

STD testing services are available in both private and public healthcare providers. Frazier Mountain Community Health Center is one public facility to consider in Corcoran. It’s open Monday through to Friday, for the general public but appointment is required.

Alternatively, you can visit local clinics that may provide free STD testing within the town. On the flip side, these clinics may use your area of residency, income level, and medical insurance to determine your eligibility. Moreover, the medical centers may be crowded which may delay releasing test results for more than two weeks.