What are the STI test options in Visalia,CA?

Visalia’s STI rates are mostly lower than the California average. But since STIs are preventable through using barrier protection and getting tested regularly, maybe even taking advantage of free STD testing events when they come around, those numbers should still come down.

Visalia is working on doing this through comprehensive sexual health education for middle and high school students, necessary due to some worrying stats from 2015.

That year, 10 girls aged 10–14, and 399 aged 15–19 were diagnosed with chlamydia. For gonorrhea, those numbers were 2 and 44. As for boys aged 15–19, 89 were diagnosed with chlamydia and 28 were diagnosed with gonorrhea (no boys aged 10–14 were diagnosed with either disease).

In Tulare County, 87 out of 100K people were living with HIV or AIDS in 2015, and health officials have noticed that number increasing among farm workers.

There are only a few STD-testing clinics in Visalia, but they will help you. Planned Parenthood, located on Stevenson St, tests for most STIs and provides treatment and counseling on a sliding-fee scale. You can also be tested at the Visalia Health Care Center on Dinuba Blvd.