What are the STI test options in San Jose,CA?

The rate of chlamydia in 2017 was 55.2 cases per 100,000 people and the rate of gonorrhea reached 190.3 cases per 100,000. That was a 9% increase from the prior year for chlamydia and a 16% increase for rates of gonorrhea.

But what does that really mean? In 2017 over 300,000 cases of the most common sexually transmitted diseases – syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia combined – were reported across the state.

The numbers have been steadily rising over the past couple years. The 2017 data shows an increase of 45% since 2013.

San Jose has many private and public testing options to choose from and the STD Control Branch aims to reduce transmission through education and assistance throughout the state, along with periodically offering free STD testing. Due to the varying dates and times, this might not be the best option if you need to be tested now. 

Testing locations include the Gardner Health Services lab on East Julian Street and the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center of Silicon Valley on The Alameda.

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STD Statistics In Santa Clara County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Santa Clara County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Santa Clara County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in San Jose, CA

Santa Clara County, home of San Jose, STDs have been on a steady increase over the past several years.

STD-SanJose-ALLPhoto source

As in many other urban areas, young people appear to be at the highest risk when it comes to vulnerability for STDs and, as a result, much of the outreach work done in this regard is aimed at the youth in San Jose.

While the increase in STD transmission hasn’t been dramatic, this steady increase implies a lax approach to both safe sex and early testing for all sexually active people in the county. With young people so overly represented in these statistics, it’s no wonder that outreach programs find themselves struggling to drive home the importance of using protection during sex.

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near
San Jose,CA



Partnered with 2 other clinics in the city that are working together to help stop the spread of HIV and bring awareness to their communities, they might have limited hours for testing but the center is open throughout the week for educational and supportive seminars.

They do concentrate on the Asian American community that the clinic is a part of. However, anyone can come in for a rapid HIV test.


There are not any requirements if you want to be tested for HIV. It is a rapid test. Your finger is pricked, blood tested and results back in 20 minutes.

Testing is free, regardless of income. However, you can help the clinic with donations and by volunteering.


Even though you cannot get treatment for HIV here, and this includes full-blown AIDS, you can still receive valuable help.

The staff, including physicians, will help you find a place that can help you manage the virus that also works with your financial situation. You can return at any time for another test, if you were negative. There are also several programs run by the clinic that might be able to provide additional help.


Testing hours are limited and the clinic’s new location on Story Rd is still going through renovations but this is no reason to not stop in for a free rapid HIV test. You can learn about the virus and how it can affect your life. There are also several classes that can help you, regardless of your diagnosis.

Appointments are not necessary, and results are delivered shortly after having your finger pricked. There will also be a counselor there to help explain what they are.


749 Story Rd, Suite 50, San Jose, CA 95126



Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center


Opened in 1981, it started in a 2 room storefront. It has now expanded to a large community center that still holds true to its original purpose. It was to provide housing and employment assistance to lesbians and homosexual men.

Now that they have expanded over the years, they now provide a variety of services that includes HIV testing.


While it does concentrate on LGBTQ residents, they will not turn away anyone looking for a HIV test. The testing hours are limited, since the center serves many purposes. You also need to get there at least 50 minutes before they close.

You do not have to worry about payment but you can ask if they center needs any assistance. You can also leave a donation that will help keep the center open.


If you are positive for HIV the center will help you find treatment. They can also protect you against housing or employment discrimination. There are counselors and physicians that you can talk to but they will not be able to provide any type of treatment.


For over 25 years the center has been providing a helping hand. This includes fundraisers and community outreach projects. Every month there is something new and all the information can be found on their homepage. They also have an events calendar at the center and advertised around the neighborhood.


938 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126



San Jose AIDS Education and Training Center


The main reason SJ AETC, as the center is normally called, is to provide education and training to medical professionals regarding HIV and Hepatitis C.

Wanting to improve testing and treatment for these diseases they often hold seminars for the medical community. Along with this, they also provide testing at their small clinic next door.


If you want to participate in one of their training classes, you will need to be a member of the medical community or own a health clinic. However, anyone can come in for a free HIV or Hepatitis C test. Often you will not even have to pay.

The one thing to keep in mind is that this is also a training clinic and you might get the chance to talk to a physician while you are there.


You can only get tested at this center, but they are affiliated with several nearby that do. They can ensure everything you need for treatment is already there so you won’t need to bring anything. You will also be put in touch with counselors that can help explain your test results, no matter what they are.



If you are just looking for a quick Hepatitis C or HIV test, they can help. Just remember that it is all they do. They are primarily a center that trains other medical personnel in all aspects of the two potentially deadly viruses.

They also work on educating everyone about the dangers associated with these diseases and how to possibly prevent them.


1401 Parkmoor Avenue Suite 200 San Jose, CA 95126



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
San Jose,CA

Planned Parenthood San Jose


What started out as an answer to women’s health care needs, over 50 years ago, has become one of the leading names in the industry. This also means that the center draws a lot of positive and negative attention.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that they have continued their mission, to ensure everyone has access to sexual health care. They are at the top of research, education and vaccinations. They also employ some of the top health care professionals.


One thing you must do is call ahead. They simply do not have the time for walk-ins. The center has several different functions and their daily schedule is usually full.

A benefit to scheduling can help with finding out if you qualify for a free or reduced fee. Otherwise, you must settle up before you leave the center. The state also has assistance programs that are also accepted here and can help make testing and treatment more affordable.


After you get your test results, there are treatment options. You can also choose to go somewhere else. They will provide a referral.

If you do decide to stay with PP, you will have access to confidential counseling and even support groups where you can stay anonymous if you wish. Of course prescriptions will also be written and some can be filled on site.


An important fact to remember is that this is not just a health care center for women. Men and even families come here for a variety of reasons. It could be for educational opportunities or to finally get a STD test.

The staff will protect your anonymity, which for some is important. They will also support your choices regarding care and provide any help that you might need.


1691 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near San Jose,CA

Gardner Health Services


Part of a statewide healthcare network, with over 330 clinics under their umbrella, they are committed to providing the best service to their clients.

It is a walk-in clinic, which means that they only treat non-emergencies but they have the resources their patients need. This includes their ability to provide a wide range of services that include testing and some treatment for sexually transmitted infections.


It’s easy to get tested. You can contact them or walk in. If you do just show up, there is the possibility of a long wait. You will also have to fill out patient forms, which can extend the time you spend in the waiting room.

Since this is a clinic affiliated with the state, many patients qualify for free testing and treatment. The staff can help you with this, which is one more reason why it is best to call first.


There are some treatment options that include taking advantage of the onsite pharmacy. It also helps that there are several hundred clinics associated with them so you can easily transfer your treatment to another center if this one isn’t conveniently close.

The staff includes several physicians that are well trained in diagnosing and treating several infectious diseases. They can also help you with other problems that might be affecting your sexual well-being.


Not only do they provide testing and treatment but other services as well. These are designed to garner funding for the clinic, along with providing education. Their goal is to stop the spread of these viruses throughout the city and county.

The majority of their patients are women but this shouldn’t stop anyone from coming in. They also post a newsletter and blog on their website to help keep clients up to date and new advances in treatment, along with how to stay sexually safe.


160 East Virginia Street, Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95112



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near
San Jose,CA

Indian Health Center


The health center is thanks to the Muwekma Tribe and is located on what was once their ancestral land. They gladly allowed the center to be built and it was worked hard to serve not just Native Americans but everyone in the county.

Everything from family health and counseling services to STD testing and treatment is here. There is even a triage unit that rivals any E.R.


Monday thru Friday anyone can come in. Saturdays the clinic is closed, except to registered patients. If you meet certain financial qualifications the visit can be free but this does not apply to everyone.

It is a health center so age is typically not a problem. Minors can get checked out by a physician, along with adults. The procedure is the same.


There is an onsite lab and pharmacy so you can get some treatment here. You can also get financial assistance with the cost of the procedure and prescriptions.

You can return anytime you want for check-ups and to get retested at regular intervals.


There is a rich and fascinating story behind the clinic and where it sits. You can find care for almost any type of ailment and be treated with respect.

You do want to remember that Saturdays the center is only open to patients that have registered. However, they do have later hours a few days a week that might allow you to get tested without missing work.


1333 Meridian Avenue San Jose, CA 95125



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in San Jose, CA

Testing and education opportunities exist within San Jose, though few people make as much use of them as they should. With rates on the increase, public health officials have been trying to make sex education focus on more than simply the mechanics of sex as a way to engage students, though this has met with some resistance and cause controversy.

Most recently, the local school district made headlines when local parents appealed to have a sex education book removed from classrooms when it was revealed it discussed topics such as masturbation, foreplay and erotic touch.

STD-SanJose-BannedBookPhoto source

The book, titled “Your Health Today” became the focus of national attention when the controversy regarding its wide reaching subject matter became an issue for local parents. The book was ultimately pulled and replaced with materials deemed more age appropriate.

In 2008 the California Board of Education did adopt guidelines which included education on sexuality and other health issues such as diet, nutrition and environmental health. While the board chose to tread lightly when it came to the specifics topics that can be taught, it did draw the line to banning ‘abstinence only’ sex education.

STD Clinic Information in San Jose, CA

There are community outreach and education efforts which endeavor to help people better understand the options when it comes to safe sex as well as the importance of being tested even when using protection. This message is trying to be delivered on a wide scale in order to reach those most at risk.

According to statistics for the city and surrounding area, younger people and people of color have proven to be the most vulnerable segments of the population. Experts believe this is due to a lack of early education as well as problems with the accessibility of safe sex products.

As a response, there are many public clinics which offer STD testing for a broad spectrum of STIs as well as specific HIV testing. These clinics work on a sliding scale basis, making them affordable for everyone but also putting a tremendous burden on the clinics themselves.

Since there are so many people attempting to obtain STD tests through these public clinics, a number of specialized clinics have been launched which offer same day and confidential STD testing options throughout the city. These newer clinics also offer comprehensive STD testing as well as information on resources and support for those who test positive.

Better Sexual Health in San Jose, CA

Like many cities, San Jose balances public health and education on a thin line. While public health officials want to do everything they can to reign in STD rates throughout the area, offering STD testing services to the public is expensive and time consuming. When public health clinics become overworked it can diminish the efficacy of the clinics.

Fortunately, there are now more private clinics which offer STD and HIV testing which is confidential, quick and convenient. These private STD clinics offer the perfect solution for people who need to obtain their STD testing quickly, easily and affordably. They also offer people the opportunity to get tested often, increasing the chances of dealing with any problems or concerns, including STDs, at an early stage which increases the chances for successful treatment.

Finally, early and frequent testing is often the key to all around sexual health as it allows sexual partners to be more open with one another and encourages better health. By understanding your sexual health, you can ensure your own health and safety.

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