What are the STI test options in Paso Robles,CA?

What are the HIV testing options in Paso Robles, California?

Paso Robles, an agricultural community in San Luis Obispo County, Ca., is experiencing a rise in HIV infections, with a particularly rapid rise reported during 2018.

Known for its wineries, hot springs and almond groves, Paso Robles is situated on the Salinas River just north of San Luis Obispo. Its population was estimated at around 30,000 residents in 2010, and tourists are drawn to the area especially because of its thriving wine industry.

Officials said many residents are opting out of HIV testing because they don’t believe they are at risk of contracting the disease. The age of those newly infected was reported as being lower than usual norms, ranging from teens to those in their 30s.

The rise in HIV infections were described as “concerning” by Paso Robles officials, particularly because they went up during the course of a few months. They have connected the rise in HIV and Hepatitis infections to opiod use because of the increased rate of injected drug use.

STD testing services may be offered at walk-in clinics in Paso Robles. Free STD testing may also be offered at free clinics in the nearby large city of San Luis Obispo, although a disadvantage to using services at free clinics can be longer wait times. You may also ask your doctor’s office to perform a STD test but it may not be covered by your insurance company.

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