What are the STI test options in Stockton,CA?

California’s STD rates are going up, and San Joaquin County’s rates are too. San Joaquin’s 2017 syphilis rate was 50.9 per 100K people, with 381 cases—40% up from the previous year. Syphilis is easily treatable if caught early, but most people don’t know they have it.

It is especially important for women of childbearing age to be tested regularly, as syphilis is asymptomatic in women but potentially fatal to a baby. There were three stillbirths recorded in the county in 2017 due to congenital syphilis.

There are many reasons for the high syphilis rates, and health officials strongly advise all sexually active people to get tested often and to use condoms.

You may even be able to find free STD testing during periodic campaigns. In 2017, 3,995 people were diagnosed with chlamydia, at a rate of 533.3 (California’s was 552.2). There were 1,367 gonorrhea cases at a rate of 182.5. In 2015, there were 1,294 people living with HIV or AIDS in San Joaquin County, with a prevalence rate of 223, under California’s rate of 376.

Stockton has a number of STD-testing clinics and support groups. Planned Parenthood has two locations, and they test for STIs and treat all of them except HIV at an affordable fee based on your income. The Stockton Health Center provides STD testing at their Hazelton Ave location. They also prescribe PrEP.

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STD Statistics In San Joaquin County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for San Joaquin County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report San Joaquin County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Stockton, CA

The following information shows the rates of STD infection in the Stockton, California area and the numbers used represent the reported cases per 100,000 in population.

  • Chlamydia – 494.8
  • Gonorrhea – 138.4
  • Primary and Secondary Syphilis – 12.4
  • Late Latent Syphilis – 5.9

STD Testing Stockton, CA


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Stockton


Planned Parenthood has a long standing reputation for being a leader in sexual health care and research. They have a full staff that is experienced with men and women’s sexual health, and can diagnose almost any ailment.

A counselor will be there if you want to talk, when you come in. Testing is done by a clinician and you can expect results back in less than a week.


Booking is easy, either online or over the phone. You must be aware that you cannot go in for testing if you don’t have a visit scheduled.

Anyone, ages 14 and up, can come in for testing without anyone else knowing. This includes your insurance company if you choose to use it to pay for the cost.


Not only will you have access to a full support staff, you can also get treated for bacterial infections. These include infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea, among others. A simple prescription, which you will have to take daily, usually takes care of these STDs.

What they cannot treat, only counsel and offer support, are viruses. If you are HIV positive your assigned counselor will help you decide where you want to go for treatment.


Located in the Eastland Plaza on N Wilson Way, you have the advantage of plenty of parking or catching one of the buses that runs close by.

Like all Planned Parenthood Health Centers, this one also holds to the organization’s standards. It is to provide exceptional care to everyone that walks in.


678 N Wilson Way G Stockton, CA 95205



Planned Parenthood North Stockton


Serving the north side of the city, the Mar Monte Planned Parenthood has everything you would expect from a leader in sexual health care. They have the latest equipment to help diagnose you, along with trained technicians and counselors. There are also physicians, if you feel that you need to speak to one.


Questions about payment? Call the clinic and ask when you let them know when you want to come in. They do have payment programs and can even help you get set up with the state’s health care program. You only need to be a resident and meet income requirements, then your testing and treatment is covered.


Planned Parenthood is a leader in medical research concerning sexual health but they can still only treat infections, not viruses.

If medication will treat your health issue, you can get it here. Otherwise, they will help you find a clinic or specialist that you are comfortable with and can help.


This is one of the few cities that is lucky enough to have two Planned Parenthood clinics. Whichever one you chose to go to, you will receive high quality care.

Located on the northside of town, it might be more convenient for residents that live close to Precissi Ln. They do have parking for clients, along with a handicap entrance for those that need it.


4555 Precissi Lane Stockton, CA 95207



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Stockton,CA

San Joaquin County Public STD Clinic


San Joaquin County Public Health Services opened its STD testing and treatment center several years ago. As part of the health department, you will been able to take advantage of affordable and even free health care.

Testing is done throughout the week and you can expect to learn your health status in about 7 days.


The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment. You need to call the clinic and see if they have an opening that fits your schedule. All clients 14 and older could qualify for free testing. Basically, you will be enrolled in Cali-Med, the state’s insurance program.

Enrollment is free and within minutes you will be covered for testing and even treatment.


Do you need to get treated for a sexually transmitted infection? You can pick up antibiotics here. A physician will monitor your progress and have you return for another exam, once you have finished the treatment cycle.

HIV is only tested for here but the public health department does have specialists at other locations. If you have Cali-Med, you are covered and don’t have to worry about paying for any additional services you might need.


If you need to get a test for one or all sexually transmitted diseases the county health department’s clinic is a good place to start.

They have hours throughout the week and can even help you get health insurance.

You can find them on Hazelton, not far from the shopping center. You also have the choice of driving or taking one of the buses run by the city.


1601 E. Hazelton Ave Stockton, CA 95205



Closed 12 pm to 1 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Closed from 2 pm - 3 pm on Wednesdays.

Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Community Medical Centers


Originally started as a volunteer health clinic in the early 1960’s, it has grown to be able to provide a full spectrum of medical services. Community activists, nurses and local doctors all volunteer their time. Some even specialize in sexually transmitted diseases.

Testing is usually done by a qualified volunteer. They do have to have had training that is sanctioned by the state. There is a lab on the campus, so results can be back sooner than some other clinics.


Call anytime during open hours to let them know that you want to come in. Often you can get in that day, if you call early enough.

Testing can be free. When you call, ask about what you need to do to qualify.

Anyone older than 13 can come in. Teens don’t have to worry about telling their parents, even if they use insurance. It will only show up on the statement as a routine exam at the health clinic.


Now that you have your results, you may be wondering what to do next. If a prescriptions will treat your infection, you can pick it up when you come back in.

They are also part of the Ryan White Foundation. This gives you access to medical care for HIV and AIDS. Treatment can be free or on a sliding scale. It will depend on your income.


Not only can you get tested here, they can also provide quality care. A case manager will help you set up doctor visits and make sure that your prescriptions are filled.

They are on Channel Street, not far from E. Weber Avenue and N. California St. This means that if you can’t drive your own vehicle, there are bus lines that you can take.


701 E. Channel Street Stockton, CA 95202



Brentwood Health Center


The Brentwood Health Center is a family medical and urgent care center. They have a long standing reputation for being able to provide quality care at affordable rates.

They do have physicians on staff, though they are not available during testing. This is done by a technician. Once you have your results, you’ll be able to meet with one then.


Call to pick a time and day you want to come. You only need to be 14 or older. Medi-Cal and other types of insurance is welcome. For some, without co-pays, testing is free. You will not be turned away if you can’t pay. Instead, they will help you get set-up with the state’s insurance program. There is no fee for this.


As part of their STD program they diagnosis and treat sexually transmitted diseases. You’ll come back in for your results and speak to one of the clinic’s staff then. Some clients will leave with antibiotics, while others will have to understand that their care will last a lifetime.

Those with HIV, will be sent to a specialist. If they choose to do so. All types of care can be free if you have already qualified for Medi-Cal.


The Brentwood Clinic is a part of Contra Costa Health Services. They do have clinics throughout the county. They work mainly promoting family health care and this includes testing for infections that are often transmitted through sexual contact.

This location can only treat infections but they do have resources if you are positive for a virus. You’ll also find that the clinic is easy to get to. It’s just off of Sand Creek Rd.


171 Sand Creek Road, Suite A Brentwood, CA 94513



Closed from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm daily for lunch.

Stockton West Urgent Care


Concentra is an urgent care clinic that also provides family health services. You can get pre natal care, exams for physicals and help if your sexual health isn’t at its best.

Physicians will exam you if you have symptoms. A clinician will provide testing and the clinic will notify you when it’s time to come back in for results.


Go right in. You don’t need to call first. However, the clinic can get busy, especially on Mondays, so you might be in for a wait.

All payments are due at the time of service, however you have several options on how to pay. These will be explained if you want to call or you can ask when you check in.


Do you have a sexually transmitted infection? If it was caught early enough, they can treat it with medicine. You can even pick it up here.

Severe infections and viruses, are beyond their ability to effectively treat. They will give you references to other health centers that can.


There is a benefit to going to an urgent care clinic. You can go in anytime you are ready and there are always physicians around.

A lab is present on site, which speeds up the amount of time it takes to get your results. The downside is that they are only able to handle infections that are not presenting symptoms. They also are not capable of treating viruses. So you may still end up having to go somewhere else.


1429 West Fremont Street Stockton, CA 95203-2627



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Stockton, CA

Local public and health officials realize that the scope of the problem for STD rates is large in the region. Mandatory sexual health education has become a part of the regular curriculum in public schools. This is a strategic attempt to reach young people just prior to the average age at which some of them may begin sexual experimentation. Knowledge of the potential consequences of unprotected sex including unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases may help them in making wiser choices when it comes to their bodies. Because of sex education classes students in the city will know where to go for a Herpes test or for HIV testing if they believe that they may have been exposed.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Stockton, CA

It is believed that one of the biggest problems that this region faces is the mass number of persons who have not yet been educated about the dangers of unsafe sex. People who live at or below the poverty level are the most at risk because often, they lack the education to be aware of the precariousness of their situations, and may not have the financial resources to receive the proper medical testing and treatment options.

Age, gender and ethnicity all play a role in the risk factors as shown by the reports generated. The statistics for the area clearly show who is at most risk for certain sexually transmitted diseases in this area. Chlamydia rates are nearly double for females than that of the males who have been tested positive. Women of the 20 to 24 age groups have the highest incidences followed by those who are 25 to 29, then 15 to 19. Hispanics lead the rates with the highest numbers followed by Whites, then Blacks.

Gonorrhea rates are the highest in males age 20 to 24, followed by 25 to 29 and teh female 20 to 24 age groups. Hispanics are reported to havce the highest number of postitive testing results for Gonorrhea in the region, followed by Whites, then Blacks. The statistics do not follow national averages with regard to ethnicity and this report is unique to the Stockton area. It is most often Black Americans with the highest numbers of infection, but in this region, Hispanics, then Whites lead in positives.

There is a degree of help available for testing in the area. While there are numerous STD testing clinics available, there will still be some who are not able to get testing when it is needed. Free testing centers offer reduced or free rates based upon income levels, but when the funding for the cycle has been exhausted, there may be those who have to wait until the funding is replenished.

Better Sexual Health in Stockton, CA

Any time that you have unprotected sex, you could be exposing yourself to a sexually transmitted disease. The best way to prevent further spread of these infections is for everyone at risk to get tested. It is easy to order STD testing and it only takes a few moments of your time to stop by a lab and get your results on their way. Friendly and professional lab technicians are there to answer any questions that you may have, and to get you through the process and on the way to enjoying the rest of your day. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know for sure.

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