What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Everett,GA?

There was a considerable number of HIV infections in Everett, GA. Health department reports indicate that HIV infections increased from 244 cases in 2015 to 301 cases in 2020.

STD infections were rampant among teenagers. Over the past five years, they had increased by 38 percent. By the end of 2016, the number of teenagers infected with Chlamydia infections was estimated to be at 4,320.

A total of 833 Gonorrhea infections were reported in 2016 among the adolescents living in Everett, GA.        

To control and prevent the spread of HIV/STD infections, the Glynn County Health Department has provided supportive funds through Ryan White Part B care to ensure PLWHA from the low-income community have access to treatment and counseling services. The health department works with medical providers in Everett to evaluate and implement best practices for patient follow‐up and ensure individuals infected with STDs and HIV are linked and retained in care. It has also ncreased mobile medical services across the county.                

The Everett Clinic Urgent Care and Planned Parenthood – Savannah Center are some of the health centers in Everett, GA, where residents can access HIV/STD services. Individuals can also access sexual health services at Everett Health Center and Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Free STD testing may be available in several clinics in Everett, GA. However, prescriptions for after-test care might not be available if you’ve tested positive, and doctors’ consultation might also be available at a fee or even not available in some clinics.