What are the STI test options in Covington,KY?

Covington, KY, near the Ohio State border is under siege by an STD outbreak in their city and county. 

In particular, diagnoses are rising among IV drug users in the area. Kenton County, home to Covington, never had more than two cases a year until 2017 when they had ten new diagnoses with similar circumstances. These numbers may be low, as only 35 percent of the county’s population under 65 has been tested for HIV

Health officials in Northern Kentucky are worried about the increasing number of new HIV infections in their part of the country. They are working to educate the community about STD transmissions between opioid drug users and get more residents to seek testing and treatment. 

You can find several comprehensive STD testing and a few exclusive HIV screening locations in Covington. The Northern Kentucky Health Department runs a clinic on Scott Blvd on select days in the Kenton County Public Library. Also in Covington is the Health Point Family Care Center on Madison Ave. 

In Newport, the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department operates an STD clinic at the Campbell County Health Center on Monmouth St. and The Little Clinic on the Pavillion Pkwy in Newport offers STI services. 

A few locations might provide free STD screenings. But, these may not be comprehensive services and may only cover the most common infections in the county at the time of testing. If they do cover all STDs, you might have to provide proof of income to qualify for free services.  

Which one is right for you?