What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Ruston,LA?

Ruston city is the parish seat of Lincoln Parish whose STD statistics have been variating over the past years. For instance, new HIV infections recorded in 2013 were 9 at a rate of 12 percent of the total infections in all parishes in the Monroe region, and the number of cases reported in 2014 slightly rose to 10 HIV infections at a rate of 11 percent. 

In 2015, Chlamydia recorded the highest infections in Lincoln Parish, with 372 cases being reported. It was noted that the Monroe region recorded the 2nd highest Chlamydia rate out of the 9 public health regions in Louisiana, with 72 percent of new diagnoses being female and 27 percent male.

Although Gonorrhea infections in Lincoln Parish was slightly lower than that of Syphilis with the number of cases being reported in 2015 being124, the Monroe region, in general, had the highest gonorrhea rate out of all public health regions in Louisiana.  

The Lincoln Parish Health Unit provides comprehensive medical care and support services to people with HIV/STD infections to help reduce the rate at which new STD infections occur. One of the programs available is the Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS which provides housing assistance to persons living with HIV.

The Louisiana Health Access Program helps people living with HIV to access medications and health insurance at a low cost.

There are multiple STD testing facilities you may find in Ruston City that offer free STD testing. Some of the clinics include the Lincoln Parish Health Unit, Coastal Urgent Care of Ruston, and GO CARE Medical Clinic.

Although you may benefit from free STD testing, the service may depend on income and welfare eligibility, and test results may not be immediate.