What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Keystone,FL?

There is sustained sexually transmitted diseases incidences in Keynote, a key reflection of the state and nation’s public health struggle. The Chlamydia infection rate has almost tripled from 1997 to 2017; 206 to 529 cases per 100,000 populations.

An analysis by the Florida Department of Health by the CDC shows increased morbidity among people succumbing to STDs or related health complications such as strained pregnancy, infected newborns, pelvic inflammation.

105,058 cases of Chlamydia were reported in 2015 a 26% increase, 32,747 cases of gonorrhea a 59% increase and 91% increase in syphilis incidences to documented 6,830 cases. Its estimated that in reality the numbers are high as most cases go undiagnosed.

High risk groups are people with multiple partners, gays, bisexuals and young people between 15 and 29 years.

The health authorities have a 3-step STD prevention and control program that entails talk, test and treatment. The initiative focuses on informing public about sexual health, encouraging them to have regular and early testing. The program has recently introduced partner services where its give a dosage for the partner if one tests positive among other services.

Public health sector has been on the frontline to offer STD testing and screening services in a bid to reduce and possible zero out new infections. Azalea Health – Keynote Heights Center is one public facility based on 100 Commercial drive 32656 that offer a range of tests, treatment and patient education.

There are clinics that may render free STD testing or at a low cost that you can consider. However, you might be patient for long hours to get tested because of long queues and there may be delays in releasing results. Moreover, the clinics may not allow you to see doctors on the premises.