What are the STI test options in Temple Terrace,FL?

Temple Terrace, FL, a city in Hillsborough County, is in the middle of an STD epidemic.

In 2008, the county reported 8,848 total bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A decade later, in 2018, it had 11,836 new infections. 

A large number of the new infections are chlamydia, which went from 6,250 in 2008 to 8,817 in 2018.

Gonorrhea is also on the rise with 2,089 in 2008 jumping to 2,300 a decade later in 2018. 

In 2008, there were 326 new, early syphilis diagnoses and by 2018, it went up to 431. There were also 239 infectious cases in 2018. 

Local health officials in Temple Terrace and Hillsborough County are growing concerned over the expanding STD and HIV rates in the area and are asking anyone who is sexually active to seek out regular STI screenings help stop the spread of these preventable diseases. 

Temple Terrace and the surrounding areas have many clinics that provide STD testing and related services, such as preventive materials, treatment, and follow-up care

Planned Parenthood offers STI screenings for men and women at the Tampa Health Center on N 56th St. Off-street parking is available, and the site is accessible by a public bus route

The Tampa Family Health Center has several locations including one on E Sligh Ave, another on E Fletcher Ave at the AdventHealth Tampa building, and also on the corner of E Henry Ave and N 22nd St. 

Some clinics might offer free STD testing. Proof of income could be requested for free services, and it may not include treatment or aftercare.  

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