What are the STI test options in Citrus Park,FL?

In Hillsborough County, there were over 6,500 people living with HIV in 2015 and each year it is estimated that nearly 350 people are newly diagnosed. Hillsborough County is now considered one of the most at-risk counties for HIV infection in the United States. In Hillsborough County, the demographics most at risk of contracting HIV are men and those who engage in male-to-male sexual contact. 

It is also documented that over 6,500 people were diagnosed with an STD, such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, in 2018. These statistics suggest that residents of Citrus Park are at an elevated risk of STD infection.

Hillsborough County was listed by The U.S Department of Health and Human Services as one of the most at-risk counties for HIV/AIDS infection, leading health officials in Citrus Park to urge sexually active residents to seek out regular STD tests. 

Health officials in Hillsborough County and Citrus Park have implemented a number of campaigns such as free and anonymous STD testing and the promotion of AIDs awareness and education programs. These initiatives have been put in place in an attempt to educate Citrus Park residents about sexual health, combat the spreading of HIV and STD infections, and combat the related health implications that these infections can cause.

There are a number of public testing centers in Citrus Park and Hillsborough County that you can consider if you are in need of an STD test including Tampa Family Health Centers (Waters Avenue Clinic), Florida Institute for Community Studies Incorporated, and Midtown Medical Center. There are also a number of private clinics available.

Public clinics often offer free STD testing, however in some cases insurance is necessary. 

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STD Statistics In Hillsborough County, FL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Hillsborough County, FL. Data is normalized to accurately report Hillsborough County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Citrus Park, FL

Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious problem in the area, according to statistics recently released by the CDC. The unincorporated city and surrounding Hillsborough County have some of the highest STD rates in the state, and health officials do not see this changing anytime soon.

For the past twenty years the number of residents who test positive for a sexually transmitted disease has been steadily rising, and this includes HIV/AIDS and Syphilis. Primary and secondary Syphilis diagnoses are on the rise, especially among men in their late 20’s and 30’s. This is particularly alarming since most health professionals presumed that this STD was under control.

Statistics also show that it is not just teens and young adults who are testing positive for a STD more often, but older residents are also contracting the sexually transmitted viruses as well. With rates rising among teens and adults it has never been so important to include regular STD testing as part of a routine health plan.

Some of the statistics that indicate how serious the STD problem has become include,

  • In 2012 alone the number of reported cases of Chlamydia more than doubled to 7,100 in the county.
  • Hillsborough County accounted for the majority of the increase in Gonorrhea rates in 2012 with over 500 more residents testing positive compared to 2003.
  • An estimated 70 percent of the STDs reported in 2012 occurred in young adults in their 20’s.

STD Testing Citrus Park, FL

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near
Citrus Park,FL

Diversity Health Center of Tampa Bay


STD Testing at 4302 N Habana Ave #200, Tampa, FL 33607, USA

Diversity Health Center of Tampa Bay is dedicated to delivering quality health care and developing long-lasting relationships with the community. Its medical practitioners offer primary health care services for PLWHA as well as STI screening and treatment.  Patients receive care in a safe and positive environment, and an in-house draw lab is available onsite to conduct tests.


HIV/STI Services are open to members of the public, and no is denied treatment because of their color, age, race, economic background, or marital status. The health center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and major insurance covers.


The facility’s management requires patients to book an appointment to access testing, medication, counseling, and treatment services.


The health center provides PrEP services for individuals at risk of contracting HIV infections and HIV risk assessment is available at the facility. The health center has also partnered with specialty pharmacies, including Mail Meds, Pharmacy Tampa Family, and Hudson Pharmacy, which are experts in HIV, PrEP, and STI-related medication counseling.

The pharmacies also have unique financial programs to provide drugs to insured individuals at little to no cost.


4302 N Habana Ave #200, Tampa, FL 33607, USA


STD Testing at Diversity Health Center of Tampa Bay


Tampa Family Health Centers


STD Testing at 8213 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33615, USA

Tampa Family Health Centers serves residents living in Citrus Park, Florida, with caring and quality medical services that are sensitive to their cultural values.

The health center is committed to quality health care services to the community through its team of medical practitioners. Services that are available at the health center include HIV/STI screenings, testing, and treatment as well as pediatrics, family medicine, and women’s health.


There are no specific requirements to access HIV/STI services at the health center. The facility accepts comprehensive insurance plans, and uninsured and underserved patients may pay at a sliding fee scale.


The clinic offers HIV/STI screenings, prescriptions, and treatment by appointment. Patients may also communicate with their health care providers over the phone regarding STI infections.


Tampa Family Health Centers has mobile units that provide dental and health services to the community. Therefore, individuals living in remote and underserved areas can access free screenings and other critical health care services through these mobile units. It also has an on-site pharmacy that offers affordable medication, and plenty of condoms are available at the clinic.


8213 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33615, USA


STD Testing at Tampa Family Health Centers


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near
Citrus Park,FL

EPIC-Francis House Campus


STD Testing at 4703 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA

Empath Partners in Care (EPIC) is part of the Empath Health, a not-for-profit network of care, which has been helping individuals challenged by chronic illness in the Tampa Bay region.

The clinic offers a wide variety of counseling, support, medical care, and counseling services. Its team of licensed social workers provide care and support for PLWHA, HIV testing and education, and assist families affected by HIV/AIDS.


HIV testing services are available to the general public, and no patient is denied medical treatment based on their age, income levels, color, and social status. PLWHA seeking social services must register as a client to receive the services.



The health facility requires patients to schedule an appointment to access services such as testing, medication, treatment, and counseling services.



EPIC offers broad medical case management programs such as the Florida Family AIDS Network (FFAN), Project AIDS Care (PAC) Waiver, and Ryan White to uninsured and underinsured patients.

Its case managers work with patients to provide personalized services such as mental health, medical, food care, financial assistance, and transportation services. Moreover, it has bilingual Spanish-speaking case managers to help patients not proficient in English to access health care services.


4703 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, USA


STD Testing at EPIC-Francis House Campus


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
Citrus Park,FL

Planned Parenthood - Tampa Health Center


STD Testing at 8068 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617, USA

Planned Parenthood – Tampa Health Center offers sexual and reproductive health care services to residents living in the Citrus Park community. The clinic has qualified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who are experts in annual exams, abortion care, birth control methods, and STD/HIV screenings, testing, and treatment services.


Patients of all ages are eligible for HIV/STI services, and the facility does not discriminate against an individual based upon his/her age, sexual orientation, race, or color. Individuals from the low-income community and uninsured may be allowed to pay at a sliding fee scale, and the clinic accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and other major insurance.



The clinic is open for walk-ins, but the management recommends patients to book an appointment for HIV/STI screenings, testing, and treatment services.



The medical center has an efficient and helpful staff, and patients are welcomed in a clean and comfortable office. Planned Parenthood – Tampa Health Center is designed to offer patients a safe and conducive environment where they can receive health care services without prejudice. It also offers a Mail-A-Pill service, which allows women to receive birth control at the comfort of their home.


8068 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood - Tampa Health Center


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Citrus Park,FL

Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County


STD Testing at 13601 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33613, USA

Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County has many satellite clinics located throughout the state to protect the community and individual health. Its STI clinic has board-certified health care practitioners who work to reduce the prevalence of STIs in the community by providing testing and treatment services for infected persons.


HIV/STD services are available to individuals over 13 years of age regardless of their income levels, race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Patients under Medicaid and those with private health insurance may access medical services.



The health department is a walk-in clinic, and patients receive testing, treatment, counseling, and prescription services on a first-come, first-served basis.



Patients can access affordable medication at the health department on-site pharmacy. Its pharmacists are trained in HIV/AIDS and have over 20 years of experience in serving people with complex conditions.

The clinic offers health services to patients eligible for the Ryan White Act and recently, the clinic has added services such as dermatology, mental health, Hepatitis C treatment, and women’s health.


13601 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33613, USA


STD Testing at Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near
Citrus Park,FL

AFC Urgent Care - Tampa


STD Testing at 6182 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625, USA

AFC Urgent Care – Citrus Park is part of the AFC urgent care network and provides Citrus Park residents with quality and comprehensive health care for their non-life threatening health conditions.

The clinic is staffed by board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners who offer affordable and effective services to their patients ranging from STD testing, primary care, and lab work to travel medicine and immunizations.


The clinic offers STI/HIV testing to all members of the public, and no patient is denied medical treatment because of their age, sexual orientation, income, or gender. It also accepts various self-pay options and major insurance plans.



No appointments are required to receive medical consultation, screening, treatment, and counseling services. Doctors may provide follow up services over the phone to patients infected with STIs.



The average waiting time at the urgent care clinic is 15 to 25 minutes, and it is open for longer hours, every day of the year to provide residents with access to convenient health care throughout the year. The clinic also has a clean and spacious waiting and exam rooms and offers its clients ample parking space.


6182 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33625, USA


STD Testing at AFC Urgent Care - Tampa


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Citrus Park, FL

With the 16th highest rate of new HIV diagnoses in the state and a rising number of teens and adults testing positive for the other common STDs each year, some state officials are starting to question if the lack of a sexual education program is really helping students protect themselves.

Like many other states, Florida and Citrus Park only use the federally approved and funded “abstinence only” programs in the public schools, and some law makers are finally realizing that this might not be enough to prevent students and other residents from contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Without comprehensive and medically accurate information, most students do not realize that they can still contract a STD even if they are not engaging in sexual activity. Not all sexually transmitted diseases are spread strictly through intercourse and penetration, and more importantly not every STD displays immediate signs and symptoms. Some venereal diseases can take several months before any symptoms appear, and by this time chances are other people have been infected without even realizing it.

The only effective way to prevent the spread of STDs and finally get the diseases under control is to educate residents about the dangers they face. With regular Herpes testing in Citrus Park the virus can eventually be stopped in area high schools where it is most prevalent. Regular HIV testing in Citrus Park is also crucial for continued good health, especially since the procedure is the only way to check for the potentially deadly disease.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Citrus Park, FL

Located next to Tampa and close to some of the top tourists beaches in the state, these are only some of the demographical factors that are effecting the area’s STD rate.

While the constant stream of tourists to the beaches and residents taking frequent trips into the city is contributing to the rising rate of infections, the main factor remains the lack of education and information available to teens and residents. Without the information needed to stay safe, many residents do not even realize they are at risk.

Studies have shown conclusively that comprehensive sexual education programs are the best way to stop the spread of STDs, and teach residents how to protect themselves. Until new bills are introduced requiring all public schools to take these proactive steps the area can expect to see its STD rates continue to rise.

Recent budget cuts to neighborhood clinics and health care facilities are also causing STD rates to soar. Many lower income families simply cannot afford regular testing, and the lack of public health care facilities makes it difficult to even find a place to be screened. Misconceptions regarding STDs and how the diseases are spread, along with a blatant disregard for others health is also contributing to the ongoing problem.

Language barriers in the Hispanic community, along with feelings of shame and embarrassment at being seen standing in line for STD testing are all issues that need to be addressed before the area sees the disease rates start to decrease.

Better Sexual Health in Citrus Park, FL

While it is easy to forget about high STD rates in the warm Florida sun, if you value your health and that of others you will remember to get tested regularly. If you don’t want to stand in the long lines that are common at the community health centers you can still get tested without having to wait for hours. Simply make one quick and easy phone call and schedule confidential STD testing. You only need to spend a few minutes at the local lab instead of the entire day at the community center. It is fast, easy, and will give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken responsibility for your own sexual health.