What are the STI test options in Carrollwood,FL?

The Hillsborough County Department of Health noted a decrease in the number of HIV infections over the last decade. The number had dropped to 331 cases at a rate of 23.8 by the end of 2018 which was a decrease from the 601 infections at a rate of 63.2 that were reported in 1998.

There was an overall increase in Gonorrhea infections as indicated in the county health reports. The number rose from 1,790 at a rate of 152.0 in 2006 to hit a record high of 2,300 at a rate of  162.1 in 2018.

A steady increment of Chlamydia infections was noted in the county health reports. The number rose from 3,882 cases at a rate of 329.6 in 2006 to 8,817 infections at a rate of 621.2 in 2018.

There was also an upsurge of Syphilis infections from 250 at a rate of 26.9 in 2006 to  683 at a rate of 122.9 by the end of 2018.  

The Hillsborough County Department of Health has developed a strategic partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers, federal and community-based agencies to offer public information related to sexual health and HIV prevention.

STD/HIV services in Carrollwood city are offered by health care facilities such as THG Family Care Center Health park and Molina Healthcare of Florida Regional Office. Residents in need of immediate care and specialized sexual health services may also take a look at Fast Track Urgent Care or Planned Parenthood – North Tampa Health Center.

Although free STD testing services may be available in some of the health care facilities, it’s important to know that after test prescriptions may not always be provided and eligibility requirements might be a little stringent sometimes.

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