What are the STI test options in Marana,AZ?

Pima County, one of the populous counties of Arizona and the home to Marana town, had the highest number of HIV infections over the past few years. The HIV infections escalated from 2,197 at an incidence rate of 93 in 2007 and reached a peak of 2,739 in 2016.

There was a consistent rise in Chlamydia infections over the years. The rate of infections rose steadily from a rate of 529.9 per 100,000 in 2013 to a rate of 576.1 per 100, 000 in 2016.

An escalation of Gonorrhoea infections was also observed over time. The rate of infections increased rapidly from 69.7 in 2013, and in 2016, the rate of the population infected by the Gonorrhoea infections was 113.4.

Syphilis cases had the lowest infections of all reported STDs. The number of infections was significantly higher in the male population, more so in men who have sex with men.

A large number of the population cannot afford some of the exorbitant HIV/STD tests charged in most clinics. To address the challenge, the Pima County Department of Health together with the federal government has helped in incentivizing HIV testing providers to offer their services at a lower rate.

Marana residents can access STD/HIV services in the city medical facilities such as MHC Healthcare Marana Main Health Center and the Pima County Health Department.

For those who prefer walk-in services, they may opt for FastMed Urgent care or Planned Parenthood – Southern Arizona Regional Health Center among many others.

Some health care facilities offer free STD/HIV testing but may do so based on income and welfare eligibility only. Long queues might also be inevitable in some cases.

Which one is right for you?