What are the STI test options in Apache Junction,AZ?

Apache Junction, AZ is a natural wonderland. The Superstition Mountains border it to the west and the northern edge butts up against the Tonto National Forest.

In opposition to the natural beauty that its citizens enjoy, Apache Junction is currently in the middle of a health crisis. Like much of the state and nation as a whole, this community of roughly 40,000 people is experiencing an upswing in STD and HIV prevalence rates.

Within the five year period from 2012 to 2016, STD rates grew by 15.6% while HIV rates rose by a massive 45.4%. These are much higher than those of the state of Arizona which had a 6.7% increase in the STD prevalence rate and a 12.5% increase that of HIV.

Local health departments point to multiple factors for this increase. These include the growth of social media dating apps and lack of education.

The overwhelming growth of sexually transmitted infections within Pinal County and its communities is completely out of control. If we do not reign it in soon, we will be in a full-fledged epidemic.

People in Apache Junction, AZ have a number of choices for STD and HIV testing. Many of these may offer free STD testing, however, often these tests are not comprehensive, have long wait times, and expose you to public notice.

Within Apache Junction itself, Pinal County Health Services offers STD and HIV testing through the Apache Junction Clinic on North Idaho Road. In nearby Mesa, Planned Parenthood has the Mesa Health Center which also lists HIV and STD testing services.

Which one is right for you?