What are the STI test options in Buckeye,AZ?

Buckeye, Arizona is one of the fastest growing cities within Maricopa County in the United States. Incorporated in 1929, the city was formerly called SIdney. The city has over the last decade experienced exponential growth economically which led to its year 2000 population of 6,537 turn to 50, 876 in year 2010.

The city boasts an amazing academic base with several universities and colleges within its suburbs including Estrella Mountain Community College, EMCC, among other top colleges. It’s a home to breathtaking and marvelous touring sites including Wildlife World Zoo, White Tank Mountain Region, Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Skyline Regional among others. With the above great features, many people have relocated to the area for employment, touring, and others as residents. The influx of people to Buckeye, AZ means more human interactions and this in turn increased the rates of STD infection.

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STD Statistics In Maricopa County, AZ



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Maricopa County, AZ. Data is normalized to accurately report Maricopa County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Buckeye, AZ

The population of Buckeye has been steadily growing over the years recording a 638% increase from 2000 to 2010. With such a margin of increase, STD infection in the city has also been increasing over the time. The rates of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and syphilis has been alarmingly increasing.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD in Buckeye. Its rate of infection is almost at level with the  state’s rate. According to CDC report of 2016, Females are the most infected by Chlamydia accounting to more than 70% of the total county’s infections. The rapid increase in population and a mix of culture within the city has exacerbated the spread Chlamydia. The black americans race is the most infected by Chlamydia with the youth between the ages of 14  – 29 years accounting for more than 80% of the total infections within the county.

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD in the city. With the state’s rate of Gonorrhea infection being above the Nation’s rate, Maricopa County is among the top ten counties within the state that have the most infections. In terms of intensity of infection between the two sexes, Gonorrhea within Buckeye city has no significant difference. The African Americans within the city are most affected. The sexually active age between the age of 20-24 years account for more than 40% of the total infections within Buckeye.

There has been a scare within the residents of the city over the resurgence of Congenital Syphilis. This is the rare type of Syphilis which is transmitted from a pregnant mother to unborn child. With a rate of more than 12 per 100000 people, the health community has warned the residents of the dangers of this type of STD. With most people who have Syphilis testing positive for HIV/AIDs, there has been a great concern on the increase of Syphilis within Buckeye city.

The rates for the three STDs within Maricopa county per 100,000 population are:

  • Chlamydia 485.8
  • Gonorrhea 119.8
  • Syphilis 10.3


graph of std rates for the us

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Buckeye, AZ

With a society that’s vulnerable to STDs, the health community in Buckeye city is working tirelessly to ensure that the locals have sufficient and correct information about sex. Many bodies and organizations have chipped in fostering sexual education within the city. Legislators are also trying to find a longterm solution for the STD menace.

Middle and High Schools teach abstinence only as the only sure way of preventing STDs. With the increasing nature and modalities of sex, there are many other modes of STD infection apart from sex. Abstinence calls for abstaining from sex till marriage. The increased use of social media and advancement in technology has heightened the means of accessing obscene and incorrect sex information amongst the youth. This has left the society more wanting for a thorough way of handling sex matters and information.

Abstinence plus also known as the comprehensive sexual education is now viewed as the better way of equipping the society with sufficient and accurate sex information. Teaching a range of issues pertaining sexuality along with contraception methods, it gives accurate and age appropriate sex information. School boards along parents and stakeholders are pushing for the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in middle and high school curriculums. Though not fully adopted by schools, most district schools use the opt-in programs. This is where parents have to certify their children to undergo comprehensive sexual classes or opt them out of the classes. Some of the modalities for teaching comprehensive sexual classes are:

  • Spending limited time on sex education
  • Teach gender divided classes
  • No homework or grading for the sexual classes
  • No tests, exams or surveys.

Non governmental bodies and organizations have also come together to enlighten the residents of the city on the need for prevention measures and contraception use. With the state being amongst the top three in unwanted pregnancies, the health community has liaised with many organizations to help educate the locals on contraception and STD prevention measures. These organizations also calls for parents to discus about sex matters with their children at home. Giving the right information to our children is one of the best weapons of fighting the spread of STDs within Buckeye city.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Buckeye, AZ

Demographics have greatly impacted the increase of STDs within Buckeye city. With the city recording more than 638% population increase from 2000 to 2010, the rate of STD infection has been escalating over time and the population distribution is one its great cause.

Lack of well equipped health facilities to cater for the rapidly growing population is one of the main factors that have overseen STD infection rates go through the roof. The rate of increase in population has given the health community a headache in establishing and equipping health facilities to match the population. Most of the old facilities are wanting in terms of materials while the new facilities are flooded and cannot stand the growing population within the city. This has greatly impacted the rate of STD infection within the city.

The population racial makeup is another contributing factor to the increased numbers of STD infection. With more than six races intermixing and living together, there is a mix of culture and values.  The races within the city are:

  • White 51.6%
  • Blacks 8.5
  • Hispanics 35.2%
  • Asians 1.3%
  • American India 1.8%
  • Others 1.85

With different culture comes different practices, some of these race’s practices facilitate the increase of STDS within Buckeye city. Also, the inter mixing  of these races results in development of new practices and values that may not value sexuality. This has fostered the growth of STD infection rates.

Existence of different religions within the city. The city is a home to different religions  including, evangelical protestant, catholics, mainline protestants, orthodox, black protestants among others. These doctrines have different teachings and some of these teachings necessitate sexual interactions. This increases the chances of infections within the residents.

Unemployment is another contributing factor to the increase of STDS in Buckeye city. With a staggering 6.3% rate of unemployment, the city’s youth are in danger of contracting STDS due to disparity and seeking of financial favours from the high end individuals. Unemployment results into poverty and drug use for consolation purposes. Most of the youth drug users are dragged into drugs to console themselves. In hand with being unable to make the right sex decisions while high, to finance these drugs most youth offer sexual favours. This greatly increases the chances of STD infection amongst the youth.

With the increasing chances of infection due to the above factors, the health community has liaised with other organizations and have staged outreach programs to help educate the public on sexuality. This is seen as the long term solution for the increasing STD infection. It focuses on equipping the locals with medically accurate and age appropriate sex information to help them make informed sex decisions.

scenic rode in buckeye arizona

STI Testing Resources in Buckeye, AZ

With the population of Buckeye growing so rapidly and the rates of STD infection escalating day in day out, the health community has buckled down to equip and establish modern health facilities within the city to counter situation. Both public and private health facilities are under great supervision to ensure that they offer quality services to the residents.

Buckeye Medical center is one of the public health facilities within the city. The health facility offers all STD testing, treatment and management services to all residents regardless of race, religion or place of origin. Equipped with qualified staff in all STDs and furnished with modern facilities, the health center offers free HIV/AIDs testing services, and all other STD testing at an affordable cost. Their services are medically accurate, private and confidential. Abrazo Buckeye Emergency Center is another public health facility within the city and with various branches. It is a walk in basis facility which guarantees to handle all your STD issues. Attending to both emergency and appointment basis services, this facility gives it all to your health needs. They offer confidential and medically accurate STD testing along with other services at an affordable cost.

Adelante Healthcare Buckeye is a private health facility with various branches across the city. It handles both appointment  and referral cases. The facility is very time conscious and values their client’s needs. They offer individual and family STD therapies according to your preference. Banner Health Center is another private health facility within the city. It offers appointment basis services, that are client friendly in terms of quality and time. They offer personal and family STD therapies according to client’s preference. Their services are affordable and they accept different insurance covers.

OneHealth Urgent Care is one of the renown urgent care centers within the city. With several branches across the city, the health facility offers emergency STD treatment, testing and management services as well as referral services upon client’s request. This is a walk-in basis facility, so you don’t have to call or book online for an appointment. Their services are medically accurate and confidential. They can also send your test results via your email, so you don’t have to waste a lot of your time collecting the results. Alliance Urgent Care is another urgent care center within the city. It offers walk-in basis services that are affordable, private and confidential.

Maryvale Planned Parenthood Center is another health facility within Buckeye city. It offers appointment basis services to all residents regardless of age or sex. Offering both contraception and STD testing services, the facility has a reputation of medically accurate and confidential STD testing. Their costs are client friendly and they accept different insurance covers. Glendale Parenthood Center is another health facility that offers appointment basis services to the locals. They offer private and confidential services that are time based. Visit any of the above health facilities when you have any STD fears.

Better Sexual Health in Buckeye, AZ

With a population growth rate of 638% in a decade, Buckeye is one of the economic pillars of Arizona. The exponential economic growth has greatly influenced the growth of population which has in turn resulted into increased human interaction and hence the rapid increase of STD infection in the city. With the alarming rates of STD infection in the city, the health community along with other non governmental bodies and organizations have joined hands in fighting the spread of STDs through educating the locals on sexuality.

The introduction of comprehensive sexual education in middle and high schools is one of the great steps for a long term solution to the spread of STDs. Outreach programs have progressively enlightened the locals on the need for prevention measures as well as equipping them with the right sexual information. All public and private health facilities within the city have also buckled down to eliminate the threat of STDS.

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